Single Review: Bad Romance by Lady GaGa

Posted: October 23, 2009 in Single Reviews, The Music Reviews

Lady GaGa has returned with new material that has only left fans asking for more. Bad Romance is the sixth released single for Lady GaGa’s debut album “The Fame” and the first single released for the re-release album which is named “The Fame Monster.”

As with previous material released by GaGa, RedOne is again involved heavily in Bad Romance. One may know RedOne because Lady GaGa mentioned his name in her debut single Just Dance. RedOne also produced the smash hit Poker Face. RedOne’s work in this song is simply amazing.

Bad Romance is an upbeat song with fused elements from the pop, rock, and electronic genres respectively. The song can captivate the listener through very catchy lyrics. Another amazing thing is that Lady GaGa actually sang one line of the song in French.

If Poker Face had ‘Po-po-po-ker face’, Bad Romance matches it with ‘Ra-ra-ra-ah-ah-ah, roma-roma-mama.’ The line looks stupid when seen in this entry but the line does sound great in the single.

The track is definitely sheer genius. Lady GaGa absolutely is one of the most creative artists of the present generation of artists. The ability to stamp out her class in the music industry with convincing fashion is simply amazing. Bad Romance only continues Lady GaGa’s path to more success. Bad Romance definitely made this writer anticipate the release of the re-released version of “The Fame”, “The Fame Monster.” The track only tells that Lady GaGa is indeed back after a short period of silence.

Genre: Pop
Date Released: October 25, 2009
Label: Interscope Records/Cherrytree Records

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