Album Review: The Fame Monster by Lady GaGa

Posted: December 22, 2009 in Album Reviews, The Music Reviews
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With The Fame spawning two very successful singles in the name of Just Dance and the very infectious Poker Face, Lady GaGa decided to kick things up by a notch with her sophomore album The Fame Monster. Lady GaGa, Stefani Germanotta being her real name, recorded 8 tracks for her sophomore album. The number of tracks in the standard edition may be noticeably shorter than The Fame but the quality of the tracks makes up for it.

Opening the album is the very awesome Bad Romance. The RedOne-produced track absolutely is another brilliant track from Lady GaGa. I have already said what is needed to be said about this song in a previous review which can be found here: Click this.

Alejandro does not really impress at first but after a few listens, it grew on me. The Spanish-inspired track also has a catchy lyric going on with the repeated mentions of the name “Alejandro.”

Monster has subtle lyrics included. This track is one of the 3 best ones in the album (more on that later). It is a very surprising track in my opinion. I did not expect Monster to be something great. The techno-inspired beat absolutely made me love it.

Speechless shows off GaGa’s impressive vocals. The song can be described as a ballad but still, the song is great though it does not have much single-potential included.

The poorest track in GaGa’s sophomore effort would be Dance In The Dark. The song surely is an upbeat one but Bad Romance‘s awesomeness surely took all that is special in this song.

GaGa actually collaborated with another pop diva for her sophomore effort: Beyonce. Their combined efforts brought up Telephone, another awesome track. The verses of the song are really great and Beyonce’s part is absolutely brilliant. The presence of the busy dial tone is also ace.

Another slow song from GaGa comes in the 7th track entitled So Happy I Could Die. What’s a surprise for this track that RedOne and Space Cowboy produced the track. Considering that both are better in terms of making uptempo songs, the quality of So Happy I Could Die comes as a surprise. The track is one of the surprises in terms of quality though that is not an understatement.

Closing out GaGa’s sophomore effort is the track Teeth. The lyrics can be described as dark and that makes the song very effective. Certainly, the song did a good job in closing out the album.

Eventually, three tracks stood out in GaGa’s sophomore effort: Bad Romance, Monster, and Telephone. Alejandro can be considered as the 4th best track though. Dance In The Dark is a good track but Bad Romance is absolutely better. GaGa’s sophomore effort is absolutely great.

Genre: Pop
Date Released: November 18, 2009
Label: Interscope Records/Cherrytree Records


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