Classic Single Review: Electrical Storm by U2

Posted: February 4, 2010 in Classic Single Reviews, The Music Reviews

Sheer brilliance. This is what I can say about this song by the Irish band which got released by 2002 as part of theirThe Best of 1990-2000 compilation album. Electrical Storm is actually a very enlightening rock ballad with Bono’s anthemic vocals present as well as The Edge’s beautiful chord work.

One will know quickly that the song is a masterpiece once the riff from The Edge’s guitar starts off the track. Once Bono comes in, the track really gets going. The very witty lyrics activate some vivid imagery in the listener’s mind. This imagery actually helps in understanding the subtleties that the song has.

Electrical Storm may be a far cry from the guitar-heavy tracks from U2. However, the song retains the distinct quality that only the Irish band could give. The chorus is absolutely tops, mind that. The arrangement of the song is clearly great too. William Orbit definitely did a phenomenal job in producing the song.

All in all, Electrical Storm – with its very great message – is one of U2′s tracks that should really be heard, even by the first-time listener to U2 material. Personally, I consider the track to be one of U2′s best though it did not get that much mainstream recognition. The Edge definitely shines in the track, I must say. This is why Electrical Storm can be considered as a very well-structured guitar masterpiece.

Electrical Storm, the well-structured guitar masterpiece, is a track that is absolutely recommended by yours truly. Simply stunning track in my honest opinion.

Genre: Rock
Date Released: October 21, 2002
Label: Island/Interscope

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