The Reflective Inklings Presents: The Valentines Playlist (Gem)

Posted: February 14, 2010 in Music Playlists, The Music Inklings
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This is the first of the Valentine Playlists that I would be posting today! This playlist was done by Gem. You may have seen her Glee: The Music Volume 2 review (Click the link to read it: HERE) already in the blog. This time around, she contributes by sending in her Valentine Playlist. If you want to visit Gem’s blog, here is the link: CLICK

1. Daughters – John Mayer

They say girls tend to like guys who are like their fathers. Deep and poignant, this John Mayer ballad tells us why this is so, and how parental love is the foundation of a person’s concept of the emotion.

2. Haven’t Met You Yet – Michael Buble

For the man who works hard to find the girl of his dreams, this song is for you. Plus it’s really fun and catchy.

3. The Bird and the Worm – Owl City

Owl City songs are so cutesy and metaphorical that listeners tend to get lost in the song, but singer-songwriter Adam Young managed to make a great mix of melody and content to become this really gleeful song about the exhilaration of being with your special someone.

4. The Only Exception – Paramore

This song stands out in Paramore latest album, Brand New Eyes, because of its relatively slower tempo, but that’s not all that makes this song good. It has a great story and most anyone who experienced the healing power of love will attest to that.

5. Love Today – Mika

Someone should make this the official theme song of Valentine’s Day, nuff said.

6. Naman Kasi – Nicole Hyala

OPM love songs tend to go towards the cheesy side, but this song…well, it’s just so ridiculously cheesy that it’s tons of fun to listen to. Come on, who aren’t guilty of loving such lines as “Bangin ka ba kasi nahuhulog na ako sa yo?”.

7. Out of My League – Stephen Speaks

There’s something about this song that’s so enchanting. Perhaps it’s because it’s every girl’s fantasy to have a guy like her as much as this guy in the song does; for guys, fall in love with a girl that’s totes out of reach. Beautiful.

8. I’ll Cover You – Rent

A sweet and simple duet that went on to become one of the most memorable Broadway love songs.

9. What A Good Boy – The Barenaked Ladies

A really cool song about the triumph of love over pressure and problems in life.

10. You and I Both – Jason Mraz

I just love happy breakup songs, and Jason Mraz makes the best ones. If only all guys were as un-bitter as this one.

11. My Junk – Spring Awakening

Because “Crush” just doesn’t cut it anymore these days.

12. Sunday Morning – Maroon 5

With its feel good tone and Adam’s pretty lovable voice, this song is a perfect accompaniment to a walk in the park with your loved ones or a karaoke party with your friends.

13. 1234 – Feist

Love can get very strange and unpredictable and it can’t work out for the best for everyone. The childlike quirkiness of this song share that feeling in the the most lighthearted way possible. And the music video is so cool.

14. These Words – Natasha Bedingfield

“I love you”, sometimes there are just no others words to say it. This song is a testament to the strange phenomenon of the power of those three words.

These songs were contributed by Gem Carpio aka VitaminGem. Gem is 16 years old and currently a BS Electronics and Communications Engineering freshman in the University of the Philippines – Diliman. She enjoys music more than anything and if engineering doesn’t work out for her, she’d really like to be a performer. Her favorite song is Yellow and her favorite color is orange. She enjoys listening to fun songs from fun artists like Mika, Lady GaGa, Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, Lily Allen, Kate Nash, and The Beatles. She also really likes Broadway musicals and ball games that involve knocking things over.

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