Single Review: Doubt by Delphic

Posted: February 27, 2010 in Single Reviews, The Music Reviews

The alternative dance band from Stockport made heads turn after they placed third in the BBC Sound of 2010 poll. What made me feel interested in these lads is the fact that they describe themselves as the ‘anti-Liam Gallaghers.’ After listening to their third single Doubt which got released last month, I am now fully convinced that they truly deserved the recognition that BBC gave to them.

Doubt sounds absolutely fresh with a creative rhythm emphasized through the fast pace created by the drums. The chorus is also great as the band tries to sound anthemic. The track simply is unique. Doubt definitely can change one’s perspective about rock music. Aside from the fast pace, the song also possesses killer lyrics. The lines are something that one will repeat from time to time.

Ultimately, Doubt might be the ‘it’ track that can propel the band to massive heights. I have got to say kudos to Polydor for signing this band immediately. Delphic should continue to make music like this. Tracks like Doubt are absolutely their bread and butter – it sounds absolutely great and can blow minds of people with great ease.

Genre: Alternative Dance/Rock
Date Released: January 18, 2010
Label: Polydor Record

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