Album Review: Acolyte by Delphic

Posted: April 4, 2010 in Album Reviews, The Music Reviews
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The chaps from Manchester garnered lots of deserved hype after being shortlisted as one of the 15 music acts for BBC Sound of 2010. With debut album Acolyte out, Delphic surely wants to prove that its spot in the BBC Sound of 2010 is thoroughly deserved.

The band does not have to worry about any harsh critic with this album though. The quality of the tracks is absolutely magnificent. The arrangements for most of the tracks are stellar. The debut album sounds clearly authentic with electronic leanings included.

Released single Doubt stands out with its fast pace manufactured by the crashing of the drums. The lyrics do give the track that anthemic feeling just like what its Manchester counterparts such as the now-defunct Oasis have done through their material in the past.

This Momentary shows that the band really knows what they are doing. The creativity is astounding. The bass line gives off that ‘rock sound’ feeling which meshes well with the synths. Lyrically, the song is superb. The synths only accentuate the very grand musicality that these chaps have.

Red Lights gives off that ‘club music’ feeling. As always, the electronic leanings are present and does a remarkable job. The repetition of the lyric ‘red lights’ surprisingly did not annoy me big time.

Title track Acolyte ends up as a cleverly polished instrumental. It sounds like the band was playing with their instruments and suddenly, they magically produced a stunning track that is loaded with irresistible charm and only shows off the tantalizing prospect that the band has loads of serious untapped potential.

The best track comes in the form of Halcyon. The rapid beating of the drums gives off that unexplainable rush of adrenaline pumping into the listener’s blood stream. James Cook sounds very convincing enough. The track shows off the band’s ability to write such masterful lyrics. Who can think of writing lines such as ‘If you take this away, I fade to black and disappear‘? I highly doubt if most musicians can match the superb lyricism that the Manchester chaps have.

Having described the stand-out tracks of the band’s debut effort, I can say I was greatly satisfied. However, the album is not at all perfect. Ephemera and Remain are two letdowns in an impressive debut. Still, there is no denying that Delphic pulled out the right cards for these debut effort. The effort is rock solid for the most part. The band surely succeeds in giving off an enjoyable and enriching listening experience.

Has Delphic given their best with this debut though? I do not think so. However, if the band continues to produce magnificent material and simply stay consistent, their names might be etched into the minds of people forever. Acolyte ends up as one of the most cleverly produced albums of the new decade and subsequently proves that Delphic is indeed one of the musical acts to watch this year. Am I excited to hear their next release? Hell yes, I am. I also hope the band successfully avoids falling into the proverbial sophomore slump.

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Best Track: Halcyon
Other Recommended Tracks: DoubtThis MomentaryRed Lights, and Acolyte
Genre: Alternative Dance
Date Released: January 11, 2010
Label: Polydor Records

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