Interview: David DiMuzio

Posted: April 30, 2010 in Music Interviews, The Music Inklings

As some of you may know, I reviewed one of David DiMuzio’s albums before. Now, he has granted my request to ask him some questions and thus, I have now bagged my very first interview! I would like to say my thanks to David for gamely answering all the questions.

The questions can be found below with David’s answers in italics:

1. Who are your musical influences?

My musical influences seem to change based on what I’m listening to. I think I’m sort of a sponge as a songwriter that way. My favorite singer/songwriter is Billy Joel. The way that Billy writes is by sort of “copying” the sounds of other’s. One always hear things in their own way, but most every Billy Joel song he wrote trying to write a song like someone else. I’ve taken on the same mantra to agree …I write what I want to hear. If I love the new Killers album and I want to hear more of that then that’s what the song I’m going to write is going to sound like. If I love the first John Mayer album and I’m listening it to it a lot then my songs will reflect that. What ‘s always unique to “David DiMuzio” though is my lyrics. My lyrics aren’t quite as reflective of what I’m listening to as they are what I’m going through. They are the story of my life at that moment in time, and that’s always unique to me.

2. What inspired you to be a musician?

I actually wrote about this on my Facebook page page at little(Link is THIS). It was very innocent the way I became a musician. My heroes growing up were my favorite singers. When they liked a girl they wrote a song for her, so I started doing the same. I wrote a song for a girl named Steffi at summer camp and I sang it to her. She loved it, and I ended up receiving my “first kiss” because of it. I knew I was on to something

3. How long have you been working as a musician?

I started writing songs when I was 11. I put out my first album “I Wanna Save The Last Koala Bear” when I was 23 about. I guess you could say I “officially” started working as a musician once my first album came out., but I’d been working “unofficially” as a musician for a lot longer than that.

4. Among all the songs that you have written, which is your favorite and why?

My favorite song that I’ve ever written is called “You And I (A Father’s Hand)”. I wrote it last summer and I’ve been performing it live since then. I still haven’t released a recording of it, but that’s in the works. I’m just waiting for the right moment. It’s special to me because it talks about my dad, and the difficult family life that I had. It’s my personal anthem or survival through a drug and alcohol abuse filled childhood, and yet hopefully an anthem as well for everyone else who’s been through those same sort of things.

5. What do you think about the Philippines? After visiting the country in the past, are there any memorable places or events that you can still remember?

Mahal ko ang Pilipinas!! The Philippines is probably my favorite country in the world. I have a special place in my heart for Australia and China as well, but I’ve never felt as welcomed by a country as I have the Philippines. I have just as many friends there as I do in the US. I consider the Philippines my second home. Seeing Rico Blanco perform for the first time and meeting him was one of my favorite moments. Performing live on 99.5RT with my friend Tina Ryan was also pretty awesome.

6. If someone writes a negative review on your material, how do you react to such?

Negative reviews don’t really bother me that much. I only get bothered when I don’t think that I did my best job. I’ve gotten thousands of letters/emails/messages from fans through and Facebook that love what I do, and they are what I pay attention to. I care about my art more than anything in the world, but if it doesn’t please someone else that’s not my problem. I’m only worried about pleasing myself …it’s hard enough for me to do that, haha.

7. It is also known that you are a juggler. How did you learn the art of juggling?

I picked it up when I was about 11 years old. I loved the physicality and uniqueness of it. I had a juggling coach for the World Championships. Though I taught myself a lot my coach really helped me take what I was doing to another level and ultimately as a lot of the reason I was able to win the World Championships.

8. What is your favorite album of all time, if I may ask?

I’ll give you the top 5 …even that’s really hard.

  1. Don Henley: End Of The Innocence
  2. Elton John: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
  3. AC/DC: Back In Black
  4. Nirvana: Nevermind
  5. John Mayer: Room For Squares

9. What are some of your memorable experiences when performing on stage?

Last year I performed my first Arena show for 6000+ people. It made me want to do that a lot more!

10. Lastly, any message to your fans especially to those from the Philippines?

Maraming salamat! I really appreciate the support of my fans, but even more than that my personal connection with them. I’m a fan before anything. Being a fan of music and how I felt I connected with my favorite songwriters/singers is what made me want to be a songwriter. I value that opportunity to connect. I’ll always stay true to writing the best and most personal music I can, because that is where our connection lies. Mahal ko ang Pilipinas!

Again, thank you so much David!


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