Album Review: Exile On Mainstream by Matchbox Twenty

Posted: June 2, 2010 in Album Reviews, The Music Reviews

The first compilation album by Matchbox Twenty brought me some welcomed emotions, particularly nostalgia, once I listened to it. Exile On Mainstream, the name of the album, contains 17 tracks with six of those being new material and eleven greatest hits songs. As much as I want to review every track included in the album, I just cannot. The eleven tracks are very great in their own merit and if one has not listened to any of them, that person must have been living under a cave. In this post, the spotlight will be on the six new tracks that the band wrote for this album.

Opening the album is the lead and anthemic single How Far We’ve Come which has a drum-driven intro that charges very strongly. The track is absolutely catchy with a very friendly chorus to boot. I’ll Believe You When starts with child-friendly bells that may remind one of Christmas (okay, that sounds lame but it actually is true). The bass also adds a deft touch of funkiness into the track. All Your Reasons lets one get a glimpse of the band simply having fun. The track has a catchy riff and that ba-da-da-dup part in the intro is absolutely contagious.

The band has been known to produce quality slow tracks such as Unwell and such tracks make their presence felt anew in this album with These Hard Times and Can’t Let You Go. Among these tracks, These Hard Times, without a shadow of a doubt, is the best. The track’s smoothness clearly helps and the quality of the ballad is astounding.

The rest of the songs are absolutely class. The album is a great collection of fantastic material from the band’s back catalog. Music lovers who have not listened to these material will undoubtedly enjoy them and as for hardcore fans, they will surely appreciate the material once more. If anyone is looking for an album that can give them that nostalgic feeling, this is it. An added bonus is the new material that the band produced and the quality of these tracks are great. What else can one ask for?

Best Track: How Far We’ve Come
Other Recommended Tracks: These Hard TimesAll Your Reasons, and I’ll Believe You When
Genre: Rock
Date Released: October 2, 2007
Label: Atlantic Records


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