Artist Feature: Burnham

Posted: June 2, 2010 in Artist Features, The Music Inklings
A band comprising of three members in their teenage years may remind some of that other band that came from Disney but such comparisons should stop right away. Teen band Burnham is composed of three members namely guitar man Alex, 18, bassist Andre, 16, and lead vocalist Forrest, 14.
Recently, the band has released their debut single entitled Catch Me If You Can, a track co-written by OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder. As for the other tracks in their debut album, renowned producers such as Espen Lind and Amund Bjorklund of Espionage (Hey Soul Sister and Irreplaceable), Brian Kennedy (Chris Brown, Rihanna, Backstreet Boys, Jesse McCartney), and James Bourne of Busted (Year 3000) lend a hand in writing some songs together with the band. Anyway, to see the single Catch Me If You Can in its vidular glory, the video is embedded in this post for your viewing convenience.

Sibling rivalries will be normal for ‘sibling bands’ but such instances actually help the band big time for these rivalries are good in nature. Every band member has their own specialty that helps in their musical journey. Alex does well in creating lovely guitar riffs and Forrest’s specialty is finding that proper melody, while Andre organizes band rehearsals and spearheads the songwriting process.

With a record deal under Island Def Jam signed, sealed, and delivered, the band is set to prove that age is only a number and that talent, ultimately, decides a musician’s fate. They have already taken their first step in their musical journey with the release of their debut album and they’ll make sure it is not their last one.

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