LIGHTS shares the story behind her name, the inspiration for her album, and many more!

Posted: June 3, 2010 in Music Interviews, The Music Inklings

A week ago, I reviewed LIGHTS’ debut album entitled The Listening. As I have said before, her songs are filled with simple yet remarkable structures. One of the tracks in her album, Ice, has this Kylie Minogue-esque feeling in it which made love the track so much. Anyway, to know more about Lights and the story behind her name, the inspiration for The Listening and more, read her answers in the questions that I made up for this interview:

1. How did you come up with the name ‘LIGHTS?’

It’s derived from my last name, Poxleitner (pronounced pox-light-ner). When I created my myspace page back in ’06 I chose to put Lights there. After a while I wanted to make it my first name, so legally changed it.

2. What was your inspiration for your album The Listening?

Most of the songs came from moments of feeling down or lonely, almost all of it was written since I had moved out on my own at age 18, and coming to terms with facing the world like that. It was a lot of stuff I wanted someone to say to me to make me feel better.

3. What made you like using the synths over any instrument out there?

I like the fact that you can invent sounds, or manipulate classic sounds to sound very different–you have those options and it expands your scope of creativity.

4. How would you describe your music to people who have not heard it yet?

Pop Electro.

5. Lastly, please share a random fact about yourself.

I have seven Wonder Woman action figures, all standing at the back of my stove.

Anyway, this is the video for Ice to let you hear more of LIGHTS’ stunning musicality:


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