About The Reflective Inklings

So what’s with the blog name?

As lame as it may seem, I actually selected The Reflective Inklings for I wanted a word that would be synonymous to ‘thought.’ After all, blogs are meant to publish the author’s thoughts. I planned the blog to be political in nature but thinking of Philippine politics eventually tired me out quickly. I then switched to doing music posts which I actually enjoyed. I incorporated some sports posts and now, I do think I have found the niche of the blog.

Blogging is something that I have really enjoyed. I love airing out my inklings to the world and when someone posts a comment, I do get a feeling of happiness – comments are a good sign that people do read your site, after all. What inspired me to write? The fact that I do write to relieve stress and ease boredom inspired me to put up this site.

So what is The Reflective Inklings then?

The Reflective Inklings basically is my site where I post in my thoughts about the latest music, US and UK alike. I post album and single reviews of artists that are making waves in the charts. I also try to put in some sense of nostalgia by reviewing classic singles and albums. Once in a while, I try to post some commentaries about some artists. As much as possible, I try to post some news about new releases and some upcoming releases as well.

What’s with the sports content? I do watch some sports over the weekend especially the NBA and the MLB. I am a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant. As for baseball, I am a fan of the New York Yankees. Baseball may take 9 innings to finish but I do love watching how the pitchers pitch and how the batters swing that bat. It is simply lovely.

For people who read this site, feel free to air out your inklings via the comments feature of the entries. I do reply to your feedback. Suggestions are also much welcome.

This is your author, Jio, signing out.


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