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DEVELOPED BY: Sony Computer Entertainment
ESRB Rating: Everyone
CONSOLE: PlayStation Portable

Well there are certain games that say that they utilize innovative gameplay and controls, they fail to deliver their promises just like the game named “NBA Live 07″ which stated that Freestyle controls will definitely improve the game. Well, it botched up the series even more!

Enough NBA Live talk for now. Well, there was really this innovative and revolutionary game that really piqued my interest. That game was Loco Roco. Loco Roco really relied on the gameplay for it to be successful. It really used innovative controls in a sense that you only use the L and R shoulder buttons to tilt the game world and control your adorable Loco Rocos. Using the L and R shoulder buttons at the same time causes the Loco Roco to jump. If you can’t fit into a small space, use the circle button to arouse some lightning to make your Loco Roco separate into smaller ones to fit into the said small space. You increase your Loco Roco count by eating those fruits, which can be obvious and at times, hidden in the stages. It’s much like that popular brick game called Tetris. It’s easy to learn but hard to perfect. It’s not exploration all the way mind that. There are also nasty monsters called the Moja. If it successfully squeezes one Loco Roco away from you, say good bye to that one Loco Roco of yours. And boy, the game really did amaze me and left me astounded.

Well, it’s also one of the best games in the PSP format graphics-wise. Sound-wise, the sounds that the Loco Roco make are really cute. Also, you might even sing along with them and memorize what they say.

Lifespan-wise, it really lasts a long time. If you were done with the story mode, there are still lots of secrets to be found in every world like those Mui Mui and those secret Loco House parts. Also, if you want to improve your past performances, you can do so by replaying the stages.

Now the lowdown of the review:

Graphics 5/5 – This is a game that runs smoothly considering the fact that the PSP can slow down if the graphics are really lush. All I can say is that the PSP really flexed its muscle for this game. This game is eye candy and a luscious treat to all those PSP users.

Gameplay 5/5 – Using only the L and R shoulder buttons to tilt the game world and subsequently control your Loco Roco, this is really an innovative game. If you get tired with the story mode, there are also mini-games which can be unlocked and also you can build your own Loco House using the parts that you acquire in the main game.

Sound 5/5 – Games usually don’t have a good sound attached with it but exempt this one from that description. The Loco Roco’s voices are really cute and top-notch. Since I’ve mentioned that, you might be able to talk and sing like a Loco Roco! Believe me on that sentiment.

Replay 4/5 – The story mode ends just before you get bored. Well, there are really lots of unlockables and secrets like those rare Loco House parts, hidden Mui Mui and those mini-games which really add up to the game’s replayability. If you get bored with the story mode, you can also build your very own and unique Loco House!

Overall 5/5 – If you have a PSP and you don’t have this game, you are totally missing all the fun that the PSP can supply you. This game is one of the PSP’s top-rated games and you better not miss this.

Developer: Clover Studios
Publisher: Capcom
ESRB Rating: Teen
Console: PlayStation 2

When I was strolling along the videogame shops in the mall, this game suddenly piqued my interest. And why is that so? It’s because of the way the wolf is done in the cover art. Nifty cel-shaded graphics is what I expected and that’s what I received. Being a game developed by Clover Studios, the guys who developed Viewtiful Joe, I expect this game to be loads of fun and I wasn’t wrong! Now the review shall we?

The game starts off with a long introduction presenting the game’s strongest point: “cel-shaded interactivity”. The prologue might be long but it is essential to the story. The prologue is about a peaceful town which went berserk thanks to this dreaded 8-headed monster, Orochi. Then, a wolf named Shiranui with the help of a mortal named Nagi, klled Orochi and peace was observed in the town again. 100 years have passed and then someone set the cursed monster, Orochi, free again and the whole Nippon continent is in darkness again. Shiranui’s dead body(He died due to a disease), was enshrined and turned into a statue. Because of the turmoil caused by Orochi, Shiranui was encarnated in the form of another wolf whose name I won’t divulge just yer. Then, Sakuya, a goddess of the forest, tells you your mission: To restore peace in the whole Nippon continent. This is the time you meet yuor sidekick, Issun who’s kinda annoying and green-minded. Then, you get to do some early gameplay mechanics. As you see, I’ve said “cel-shaded interactivity” earlier, why is this so? It’s because in the game Okami, you get to use “Brush Techniques” wherein you use a paint brush to progress in the game- even in the battles!

Now let us discuss the name of the wolf. The wolf’s name is actually Amaterasu or Ammy for short. Amaterasu is actually a sun god! The first Brush Technique you will do(There are 13 of them) is called Rejuvenation. It restores destroyed infrastructure like destroyed bridges.

So much for spoiling now. The exploration is one of the best that I’ve ever seen! It’s the Zelda of PS2 mind that. Lots of secrets are about to be found. Also, a nifty Zelda touch is that you also have a sidekick in the person of Issun just like Zelda’s fairy sidekick Navi. This game really is one of the best that I’ve ever seen.

Now the downsides, the battles are easy even the boss fights. Also, camera issues at times. But aside from these niggles, it’s a game that you’ll love and cherish!


Nifty cel-shaded graphics everyone!

One of the best that I’ve played!

SOUND- 80%
The dialogue sounds annoyed me but aside from that, it’s atmospheric.

GORE- 30%
Beating monsters to a pulp sure looks nice but without blood, that is.

One of the best PS2 games out there!