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Ellie Goulding’s debut studio album, Lights, has its album artwork featured as this week’s Album Art of The Week. The album art eventually paved way for the usage of glitters in Miss Goulding’s single sleeves (Starry Eyed and Guns and Horses). The font used for Miss Goulding’s name is likable, in my book. That letter ‘E’ really stood out once I looked into the album art closely. With the album art for Lights being impressive, that leaves the single sleeve for Under The Sheets as the only boring single sleeve that Miss Goulding has released.
The newest recipient of the Album Art of The Week is the album artwork for Cheryl Cole’s 3 Words, her debut effort as a solo artist. Why did I select this one? The reason may be a little bit weird but I did put this one as this week’s Album Art of The Week simply because of the ‘beauty’ that Cheryl Cole shows. Plain and simple. She really is one gorgeous woman who some consider as a ‘goddess.’ I may not have really liked the album but the album art is really something great.
The sixth Album Art of The Week is Paramore’s Brand New Eyes, the band’s third studio effort. The album art’s usage of the butterfly added some touches of surrealism which I really liked. The font for the album title also caught my attention. Simply fantastic in my honest opinion. As for my review of this album by Paramore, here is the link: Brand New Eyes review
This week’s recipient of the Album Art of The Week is Alicia Keys’ Element of Freedom, her latest release after As I Am. I loved looking at the album art of her latest release simply because of the typography (the fonts used are simply fantastic), the very artistic background, and as for the outfit of Alicia Keys, it is definitely gorgeous.
The fourth Album Art of The Week goes to Coldplay’s Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends which is essentially a translation of ‘Long live life.’ The historical touch of the album art made me choose this one. Using Eugene Delacroix’ renowned Liberty Leading The People as its background, the album art simply looks fantastic.
The third Album Art of The Week goes to Mika’s The Boy Who Knew Too Much. It is definitely one of the best drawn album arts in the history of the music. The colors mesh well with each other and probably explains the reason why the album was named as such. For additional information, the art was done by Mika’s sister, Mika himself, Sophie Blackall, and Richard Hogg.

The second Album Art of The Week goes to Coldplay’s Parachutes. It looks so simple yet perfectly shot. I basically had no idea why a globe was the subject of the art until I learned that the band actually took the shot themselves with a disposable Kodak camera. Simply an amazing album art and hopefully, I could do a review of this album soon.
The first Album Art of The Week goes to Muse’s The Resistance. I just love the spectrum of colors in the album art. I may not get the message of this art but the artistry in it makes it, at least for me, an art that deserves your attention. Besides, it’s made for an effort by THE Muse so deal with it.