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Author’s note: This entry is meant to be a review-journal about the concert. The author feels that if this entry was to be made into one whole entry, it would be a very long one. Therefore, this entry shall be split into three parts. This is the third of three.

Thank you!

Up next was another old song by them, and personally my live favorite, Pressure. I love this song not just because it’s great live, but also because of Jeremy’s acrobatics here. Hahaha. I finally got to see the legendary “Pressure flip” with my own two (four) eyes! Jeremy usually does it with Josh, but since Josh wasn’t there, Taylor was the one who stepped up to the task of executing the flip with Jeremy. AND MAN, IT SURE WAS SOME HARDCORE STUFF! I can now die a happy and fulfilled person. Hahaha.

They played For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic next. What can I say? As with most Paramore songs, it was full of energy, and the crowd showed no signs of tiredness even after nearly a quarter of an hour of jumping and shouting.

Before playing Where The Lines Overlap, Hayley once again expressed her thanks and surprise on our overwhelming support for them. She looked around then read a read a sign by fan which said, “Hayley, will you go to the ball with me?” She kidded around for a while, saying that she’s never been to a ball before. She also asked the guy if he was going to buy her flowers. Hahahaha! She turned around to face her bandmates and said: “Guys, I got a date. I got a date in Manila.” We all laughed out loud and cheered.

Where The Lines Overlap is a great song live! I am not kidding on this one. In the end of the song, Hayley asked us to sing “whoa” again and again until she signalled us to stop. Man! All of us were so into it – with fists up! It was a tiring thing, but it was definitely enjoyable and awesome way to end the song instead of the one in the album.

Hayley then promised that they’d come back. “There is no way that we are going to wait another five years before we come back here! There’s no way we’re gonna stay away from Manila that long,” she said. We all cheered! She didn’t bother to hide her amazement that they have a MASSIVE fanbase from halfway around the world.

She also added that Jeremy was so excited to see that there were so many McDonalds tents inside the concert grounds. They love it. Seeing McDonald’s in a concert.

Hahaha! Then Hayley said she was craving for a cheeseburger. She asked us who among us wanted cheeseburgers. Nearly everyone cheered and raised their hands. “We love you! We feel like we’re family now,” Hayley then said to us.

To finish the (honestly short) show off, they played arguably the song that made them such a big act here in the Philippines, Decode. Obviously, nearly everyone was singing along to this song. Oh the Twilight connection. After the song, they just left the stage.

Of course, we didn’t want the concert to end just like that. So we kept on chanting “MORE! MORE! MORE!” until they would come out for the encore.

A few minutes later, the band was back! Hayley then talked about why Josh wasn’t with them, and introduced his replacement, Justin York to us. We cheered for him.

Then, it was back to business, to rock. A pre-recorded intro to Misery Business played, and we were going wild again! Everyone began to jump around and sing along loudly again! I also finally heard the line “I’m sorry MANILA, but I passed out, now look this way!” and heard that horrendously catchy solo! The fangirl in me was going deliriously happy!

After Misery Business, Hayley asked us if we could just not wait for them to come back. Of course, we shouted “YES!” introduced one of their long-time crew members, Will Barrett, to the audience. She then asked us if it was okay with us if they took a parting picture with him using us, the audience, as the background. Of course, we cheered in agreement!

Before the next song, Hayley also said that “We love our Filipino fans, and we love everyone who flew in and drove from far, far away to come and see us tonight. We will never take a single second for granted. We can’t wait to come back and come rock out with you guys again!” We all cheered, yet again.

Then their final song for the night, and honestly my all-time favorite Paramore song, Brick by Boring Brick played. We were all shouting out loud now, especially at the last part with the “pa-rap-pap” part! Woohoo!

After the song, Taylor suddenly went to the drums and played a drum solo, on the spot. Meanwhile, the other band member threw various stuff towards the audience. Hayley gave away her two bottles of water and dark rimmed glasses, Zac gave away his drumsticks, Justin and Jeremy threw their guitar picks and bottles of water. Lucky people who managed to get them. C: After this, they went near the drums and started to headbang! INTENSE STUFF! And then, Zac got one of his crash cymbals and threw it to the ground. ROCKING STUFF!

Then it was all over. One hour of rocking goodness from my favorite band. I’m pretty sure everyone enjoyed it. I sure did. Seeing them live is really an amazing and surreal thing. I can’t believe it’s all over. I wonder when will I be able to get this feeling of utter happiness and joy, even just for an hour, again.

I do really hope they come back soon.

This ends the ParaThrilla In Manila series of posts. The series was named as such due to the text written on Hayley Williams’ shirt. All the entries were posted by the blog’s most avid Paramore fan, Kim. Please do comment in the entries if possible!

Author’s note (Kim)This entry is meant to be a review-journal about the concert. The author feels that if this entry was to be made into one whole entry, it would be a very long one. Therefore, this entry shall be split into three parts. This is the second of three.

Thank you!

The ParaCrew finally set up the equipment for Paramore! The crowd was going wild! The backdrop was set, and the instruments were being fine-tuned.

And after a quarter of an hour, at about 8:30PM, the main event finally began!

The crowd was really going wild then, as Taylor plugged into his amp and started playing a short riff, which sounded very much like Ignorance. Nearly everyone in the crowd whipped out their cameras and started to take in pictures and videos.

After a while, the rest of the band took their places, with Hayley receiving the loudest screams from the audience, quite predictably. They then proceeded to play the intro directly leading into Ignorance. The crowd was really wild already with all the jumping and screaming along to the song’s lyrics!

After the high energy song, Zac started playing a really funky beat leading to crushcrushcrush. The crowd was really pumped now! Hayley shouted “KAMUSTA KAYO?! It’s nice to meet you Manila, thank you!” (Jio’s Note: This translates to How are you? It’s nice to meet you Manila, thank you!) to our deafening cheers. The crowd was so hyper during the song! Everyone was singing along and jumping around!

That’s What You Get and Looking Up followed in the same fashion. The band looked like they were having a blast! I was enjoying too much during this time that I didn’t notice I got robbed of my cellphone. (R.I.P cellphone)

After Looking Up, Hayley told us that “this is a mighty big show for our first time here in Manila!” She told us too how cool it was to get this kind of reception for their first time here. (Yeah!)

She then asked us a question, and requested us to answer it honestly. She asked us to raise our hand if we owned their latest album, brand new eyes. She was surprised to see most people raise theirs. Then she asked those people who didn’t own it to raise their hands. A number of people did. Laughter echoed throughout the concert grounds.

They dedicated the next song to those people who didn’t have their latest album. It is the first song on brand new eyes – Careful. IT WAS SO INTENSE. It was here that all of us stood witness to Zac’s insane drumming skills. If the drumming sounded awesome in the album, more so live. He was in a league of his own! Not to mention Hayley’s powerful vocals, Jeremy’s sick bass lines, and the rocking guitars.

Let The Flames Begin followed. I loved their live version of it. I mean, who can go wrong with them playing “The Final Riot!” version with the tremendously passionate outro?! I was left open-mouthed at Hayley’s voice then and there. Of course, I’ve seen videos off YouTube, but this is the real deal! Hearing her sing live was PHENOMENAL.

Hayley then talked about their first album, All We Know Is Falling, which was released five years ago in 2005. They can’t believe that they’ve never stopped here in Manila… until that night. They wanted to play a song from that album. But first thing’s first, Hayley got her yellow tambourine. Everyone cheered as she got it, and then suddenly we heard a person near the front repeatedly screaming, “I love you Hayley!!!” Hayley turned around and pointed to that person and replied, “Love you!” I bet that person whom she said that just died of sheer happiness.

She told us that the next song is about “love… gone terribly wrong.” The familiar tune of Never Let This Go played! Honestly, this was the first Paramore song I really fell in love with. It’s just amazing. Even though this song is from their debut album, most people knew this and started singing along. I’m pretty sure the band was really happy.

The next song they played was a song they just released a music video for, The Only Exception. Hayley, in behalf of the band, thanks their friend, Brandon Chesbro, for directing it. Hayley described it as the first love song they have ever written; she felt that there was a lot of love going around that night, so it’s only fitting that they play that song. They dedicated this song to some kids from the Love146 Round Home. Hayley said that they are honored that these children attended their concert. By the way, Love146 is a charity against child trafficking and exploitation. Paramore fervently support this charity, and it was shown as every instrument the band members played had a Love146 sticker on them.

During the song, nearly everyone brought out their cameras and cellphones and started to wave them high in the air and sang along in unison. Hayley even remarked halfway through the song that we sounded good! Hahaha!

This ends the second part of the three-part series describing the recent concert held in Manila. The author really is an avid Paramore fan. Stay tuned for the conclusion of this series.

Author’s note (Kim): This entry is meant to be a review-journal about the concert. The author feels that if this entry was to be made into one whole entry, it would be a very long one. Therefore, this entry shall be split into three parts. This is the first of three.

Thank you!

Paramore is an American rock band composed of Hayley Williams (vocals), Josh Farro (guitar), Jeremy Davis (bass guitar), Zac Farro (drums), and Taylor York (guitar). As you all know, I am a very big Paramore fan. So when rumors started floating around in the middle of November last year that they would be performing here in Manila on the 9th of March next year (2010) for their Pacific tour in support of their latest album, brand new eyes, I was quite skeptical. I mean, after two rumors (the supposed January 08 concert and the July 08 concert) before this, nothing ever materialized. But this rumor was different from the other two. The ticket prices, venue, date and promoter were even mentioned. Man! I was only waiting for the official announcement in the band’s official website( so my dream of seeing them live here finally comes true.

True enough, a week later, the announcement came! So, as the very big fan I am, I immediately bought the Gold tickets (yeah, not the VIP, it’s too expensive) and eagerly counted down the days before THE date.

A few days before the band left to start their Asia-Pacific tour in Japan, Josh Farro announced in their Livejournal account that he would be sitting out the tour because he was preparing for his wedding. Taylor’s brother, Justin York, would be filling in his place in this tour.

Along with many fans, I was really bummed, and at the same time, happy. I was bummed because I wouldn’t be able to see him in the flesh and to see him play. It sucks. But I was happy for him because at least, he finally is going to settle down.

Fast forward to about a hundred days later.

This is it. March 9, 2010. My first ever concert, and it is my favorite band that I am going to watch, live.

Here is my personal account on how the night went.

6:30PM – I arrived at the concert grounds, along with my friend, who is also a huge Paramore fan. The line was REALLY long already in all the sections (Gold, Silver, and Bronze), well, except the VIP one. People started going in already, and good thing we found a friend who was willing to let us cut the line. Hahaha.

We went inside after going through two security checks. The security checks were there to see if we actually had the guts to smuggle in bottled water, DSLRs, and all those other prohibited things. Good thing, the bouncer didn’t notice that I brought a 500mL bottle in. Well, I had an umbrella inside my bag too so he might have mistaken the bulge in my bag for my umbrella. Thank goodness for that deceiving feel.

As we were walking to our places, we were shocked. The Gold section was directly in front of the stage, divided into the left and right portions. WHAT?! Yeah, directly in front! We asked around, and it seemed like the organizers switched the VIP and Gold places at the last minute for “the safety of the VIP concertgoers”. Wow. That’s a good thing for us who were in Gold, but I pity those who shelled out 10k just to be placed at the back of us. (Jio’s Note: The VIPs did get some compensation though. They received one unreleased concert shirt plus five signed photos by the band. What a tasty package.)

Well, here’s the most challenging part, — waiting.

More or less an hour later, some of the ParaCrew were setting up and fixing things on the stage, and they took a group picture with the audience as a backdrop. Every time a crew member went on stage to do soundchecks and to tune the instruments, we started cheering, in hopes that Paramore would see the massive crowd waiting for them. Hahaha.

Then, guess who went up on stage? None other than DJ’s TonyToni, SlickRick and SamYG of Boys’ Night Out to introduce that night’s program! We were all going wild then. They introduced the opening act, Callalily.

At about quarter to 8PM, Callalily started playing. OK, I won’t elaborate further on this. I’ll just say the crowd was unresponsive and “dead”. Way to go to show our dislike for Callalily opening for Paramore! Mr. Cipriano even had the guts to say that he loves Hayley Williams. Most of us just muttered: “WEH.”

Some flashed the finger while they were playing (guilty). Some made the “shoo” hand wave (guilty again). And some just didn’t care and talked to one another (guilty yet again).

Finally, after 30 minutes of utter ear-rape, Callalily’s set was done.

We had to wait for Paramore. Again.

This ends the first part of the three-part series describing the recent Paramore concert held in Manila. The author really is an avid Paramore fan. Stay tuned for parts two and three.

May 16, 2009, the day that will be remembered as the day when the David’s of American Idol – Cook and Archuleta, rocked the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds with their back-to-back concert grounds. It was definitely a life-changing experience. Everybody was standing on their chairs the whole show! David Archuleta kicked the show off with his song “Touch My Hand” and ended it with “Crush.” Meanwhile, David Cook started his list with “The World I Know” and ended it with “A Daily Anthem”, which he dedicated to his brother and sung one part with David Archuleta.

Here is the setlist of David Archuleta:

1. Touch My Hand
2. Barriers
3. A Little Too Not Over You
4. You Can
5. My Hands
6. Your Eyes Don’t Lie
7. To Be With You, with Mr. Archuleta doing the keyboards.
8. Don’t Let Go
9. Waiting For Yesterday
10. Stand By Me originally by Ben E. Harper, with a touch of Beautiful Girls, originally by Sean Kingston.
11. A Thousand Miles, originally by Vanessa Carlton, with Mr. Archuleta doing the keyboards.
*Note: David Archuleta also noted that this was the 1st song that he ever learned to play.
12. Angels
13. Zero Gravity, an unreleased track as mentioned by David Archuleta.
14. Crush

David Archuleta’s band included:
Kendra doing violin and the keyboard
Alex doing bass
Eli doing drums
Mike doing the guitars

Now, the setlist of David Cook:
1. The World I Know
2. Heroes
3. Mr. Sensitive
4. Declaration
5. Life on the Moon
*NOTE: In this song, Cook says this describes his life in the last two years.
6. Always Be My Baby
*NOTE: According to Mr. Cook, last night was the first time that they played this song as a full band.
7. Kiss On The Neck
8. Straight Ahead
9. Make Me
10. Avalanche
11. Little Lies, originally by Fleetwood Mac
12. Come Back To Me
13. Light On
14. Fire Away
15. A Daily Anthem

Overall, I totally enjoyed the experience!
Here are some concert videos for your satisfaction: