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This is the last of the three playlists that I promised. This playlist was done by my friend Jeff (blog link of his is THIS). This is actually his first post for the site!

1. I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith

We kick things off with possibly one of Aerosmith’s trademark songs. This song here focuses on a person who wants to see their loved ones every second of their life. Just like what the lyrics say, you don’t want to close your eyes, don’t want to fall asleep because you’ll immediately miss that person that you care about the most. This is how strong one’s love for another can be, and it’s humanly possible too.

2. Dear God by Avenged Sevenfold

Possibly one of the few surprises that I have on this list. I don’t think a lot(or even anyone) expected an Avenged Sevenfold song here. Dear God is all about a guy who’s (possibly) on one side of the earth, while his girl is on the other side, which of course, makes the guy lonely because he misses his girl. This prompts him to make a simple prayer that says “Dear God, the only thing I ask of you is to hold her when I’m not around, when I’m much too far away.” A short but very, very sweet prayer.

3. Bed Of Roses by Bon Jovi

The first of the trio of Bon Jovi songs I’m gonna present. Now, just when you thought getting a boquet of flowers is sweet for you.. Well, John Bon Jovi objects. He says that giving your girl a boquet of flowers is lame, because what’s sweet is lying her down ON A BED OF ROSES. A BED. FULL OF ROSES. I’m assuming he’s talking about rose petals here though.

4. Always by Bon Jovi

The second Bon Jovi song. This makes it into the list because the chorus simply describes how strong love can affect one person. One will love you, and will be there for you until the stars don’t shine anymore. ‘Til the heavens burst and the words don’t rhyme. And even until after death, he’ll still be thinking of you. MAN HOW SWEET CAN THAT GET?!

5. I’ll Be There For You by Bon Jovi

It can get that sweet until this song gets played. Now, we all know slapping in a lot of hyperbolas on a love song can make it sweeter, but nothing beats the simple, but straightforward lyrics. In fact, it only takes 5 words, possibly the 5 words that every couple wants to hear from each other, that every friend wants to hear from their other friends. I’ll be there for you. But since it’s Bon Jovi.. Surprise! Hyperbolas. And pretty intense ones too. He wants to be the air that his girl breathes. He’d steal the sun from the sky for her. Impossible, but sweet.

6. You’re The Inspiration by Chicago

This simple song by Chicago was one of the first songs I actually memorized since I listened to radio stations. This song basically breaks that mentality about “having a partner can distract you from your goals in life!” No sir, having a partner can make you inspired to achieve more in life! It actually adds color and meaning to your life. Like what they always say, it feels good being single, but I never said it’s fun being single.

7. Accidentally In Love by Counting Crows

Sooo.. Where have you heard of this song? That’s right! Shrek 2! Accidentally In Love talks about love at first sight. According to the lyrics, someone looks like he has a problem, and that problem is that he’s inlove with somebody. He thinks about that special someone everytime, and he can’t stop it. And in the end, he admits and proudly shouts that he’s indeed in love. I’m in love! I’m in love!

8. Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

This is pretty much the best song to play on a candle light dinner. With a slow and romantic tune, this is surely the one that can make your partner say yes to you once you propose to them, trust me. “Do I look alright?” “You look wonderful tonight.” Awwwwww. Ain’t that sweet. So remember guys, whenever your girl asks you how they look, never answer “pretty”, but instead answer “beautiful” or “wonderful”, and you just made your partner’s day.

9. More Than Words by Extreme

Can you really express love by writing a letter? By writing a song? I believe the answer lies within this song. More than words is all you have to do to make it real. You don’t have to make a fancy letter, or a wonderful song(although that’s also touching), because as we all know, action speaks louder than words. And trust me when they say it speaks louder, because it really does. All you have to do is close your eyes, and just reach out your hand. That’s all.

10. Patience by Guns n’ Roses

Gn’R will also be having a trio of songs here, and here’s the first. The song talks about being far away from the one you love, similar to Dear God. This is one of the few Gn’R acoustic songs, and they really did a great job on composing this beauty. “If I can’t have you right now, I’ll wait dear” is probably its strongest line. And don’t forget people, you and your partner have got what it takes to make it. Please don’t fake it. Please don’t break it. I know you can’t take it. Brilliant, Axl Rose.

11. Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns n’ Roses

Of course, when talking about Gn’R, this song never gets out of the picture. How strong is love, according to Axl? A smile from his partner can remind him of his childhood memories. Whenever he sees her face, he suddenly goes to a special place that if he stays too long, he’ll break up and cry. How powerful is that? But in the end of the song, Gn’R doubts the power of love, because as we all know, quarrels cannot be avoided, so Axl asks, “Where do we go now?”

12. November Rain by Guns n’ Roses

We go here. The major part of this song is about Gn’R doubting love, stating that it will not last forver. It even says “Everybody needs some time on their own, everybody needs some time all alone” which is probably true, to some extent. Axl described the problems a relationship can encounter as a cold, November rain. In the end of the song, Axl finally realizes that when there’s no one else left to blame for their quarrels, they can be together again peacefully. Because nothing lasts forever, even cold, November rain. He admitted that their love might not last long, but he believes their problems wouldn’t too. “Everybody needs somebody, everybody needs someone” ends it all.

13. Open Arms by Journey

This is the Journey song that I picked. How else can you welcome your Valentine but with open arms? It’s a sign of being open, and welcoming your partner in your life. Like what the lyrics say, welcoming someone with open arms means you’ve got nothing to hide. You’re OPENING yourself to that person.

14. I Remember You by Skid Row

This song captivated men and women alike all because of Sebastian Bach’s oh so goddamn beautiful voice. This song is what love is all about. Just listen to it. It’s basically what every lover wants from their partner, to be remembered everytime. This lovely song is perfect for all occassions, if you ask me. I’m thinking of using it as my wedding song!

Jeff is currently a junior student studying at De La Salle Univeristy with the course of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with specialization in Software Technology. He loves playing and watching football and baskteball, but mostly on football. He also likes listening to rock/metal, but is not open to listening to other genres. He doesn’t like serious chats, but he knows when to get serious and when not to. He always gets the impression from others that he’s cold hearted and he doesn’t seem to care about the world. Loves the smug emoticon from Y!M.


The Reflective Inklings has dished out one short playlist (Gem‘s Valentine Playlist can be found HERE). This time around, it’s my turn to dish out my songs for my personal Valentine Playlist. Hopefully, you all enjoy reading!

#1 A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton

From: Be Not Nobody

This track by Vanessa Carlton should definitely be included in people’s Valentine playlists. The piano arrangement is without a doubt, one of the best that I have ever heard. At first, A Thousand Miles sounds a little bit classical but once the intensity of the song rises, you know that it is really special.

#2 One – U2 and Mary J. Blige

From: The Breakthrough

The original version of the song which got released way back in 1992 is also actually great but this version with Mary J. Blige just lits up the place. Mary J. Blige on lead vocals and Bono doing the additional vocals just equates into a rock masterpiece. The lyrics are also great by the way.

#3 Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis

From: Spirit

Written by Jesse McCartney and Ryan Tedder, Bleeding Love became Leona Lewis’ shot into gaining lots of mainstream success and got it successfully. The emotionally-loaded track about people who get blinded by love in a relationship just sounds really exceptional. Leona’s vocals are absolutely top-notch, no matter how you look at her music.

#4 She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5

From: Songs About Jane

‘I don’t mind spending everyday! Out on your corner in the pouring rain.‘ Just the right piece of lyrics for someone who loves celebrating Valentine’s Day. The intro of the song just made me fall in love with the track and about the chorus, it’s really awesome.

#5 Starlight – Muse

From: Black Holes and Revelations

Starlight actually is the first song that I have heard from one of the greatest bands of the world. Hearing Matt Bellamy saying ‘My life, you electrify my life!‘definitely is one of the reasons why I decided to put this song into the Valentine playlist. The piano work done on the song is also sheer brilliance.

#6 Yellow – Coldplay

From: Parachutes

Chris Martin absolutely rocked it off in this one. The guitar work done in Yellow just sounds so relaxing. Yellow is one of Coldplay’s best tracks. Another plus is once played in repeating fashion, one can fall in love with the song totally.Yellow may be one of Coldplay’s early songs but it sure did give the band some hard-earned respect.

#7 Look What You’ve Done – Jet

From: Get Born

The Australian rockers’ third single makes it into the playlist. The piano arrangement on the song just adds a certain of mellowness into the track. Nic Cester’s vocals do sound good in Look What You’ve Done and is absolutely recommended for those who want to hear a rock ballad.

#8 Love Song – Sara Bareilles

From: Little Voice

The American songstress enters the playlist with Love Song, the first single released for her album Little Voice. The piano arrangement done by Sara Bareilles in this one just blew my mind away. The lines also are great like the line ‘I’m not gonna write you a love song ’cause you asked for it. ‘Cause you need one . . . ‘ The track definitely shows off Bareilles’ musical brilliance.

#9 Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol

From: Eyes Open

Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars makes it into the Valentine playlist. Chasing Cars is not your typical explosive ballad but still sounds great as the melody of the song also is exceptional. Gary Lightbody’s vocal work is sheer brilliance and this made me like the song immediately after I heard it.

#10 Bad Romance – Lady GaGa

From: The Fame Monster

I initially did not even think of putting this song in the playlist. However, after thinking heavily, I just decided to put this one. Bad Romance just shows how Lady GaGa’s musicality has evolved. I do consider Bad Romance as one of GaGa’s best singles ever due to that irresistible hook.

#11 Electrical Storm – U2

From: The Best of 1990-2000

It may not have received lots of mainstream attention but Electrical Storm remains, at least in a personal level, one of U2′s best songs ever. As usual, The Edge’s chord work is stellar and he just makes it look like it’s really easy to do. For more on my thoughts regarding this track, please do check out my review by clicking the link: Electrical Storm Review

#12 Secret Valentine – We The Kings

From: We The Kings

Another rock record enters the playlist with Secret Valentine, released by the band out of Florida last year. This is one edgy record which can surely keep one energized with its heavy sound. Some may not like the track but I have got to say this- the track is surely a grower, no doubt.

#13 Best I Ever Had – Vertical Horizon

From: Everything You Want

What made me feel in awe for this track is the arrangement. Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning) does not sound that heavy unlike some of the band’s released material like You’re A God. The track is definitely a keeper for those who really love rock ballads.

#14 Kiss Me – Sixpence None The Richer

From: Sixpence None The Richer

Leigh Nash’s vocals are really sweet. It just sounds so angelic, don’t you think? Anyway, Kiss Me, which got released in 1998, is one of the best songs that Sixpence None The Richer released. The chorus is pretty catchy and can effective induce the Last Song Syndrome (LSS).

#15 The Man Who Can’t Be Moved – The Script

From: The Script

The song about love being tried to be reclaimed makes it into the Valentine Playlist. Danny O’Donaghue’s vocals are really awesome. The song did give the Irish rock outfit some mainstream success which they definitely deserved.

#16 I Knew I Loved You – Savage Garden

From: Affirmation

Darren Hayes turned this song into a charm. ‘I knew I loved you before I met you.‘ It’s pretty ironic yet very effective at the same time in terms of conveying its message. No wonder why the song has been reportedly used a lot in weddings before.

#17 If This Is Love – The Saturdays

From: Chasing Lights

The bubbling synth action and scintillating chorus made this song as the best track in The Saturdays’ debut effort. If This Is Love really is an ‘enthusiastic’ track that just bursts off lots of energy. If This Is Love is simply an irresistible track.

#18 The Game of Love – Santana feat. Michelle Branch

From: Shaman

I thought back then that a collaboration featuring Santana and Michelle Branch just won’t work. However, it turns out that I was wrong big time as The Game of Love gained both commercial and critical success. As expected, the killer solo by Santana just blew my mind away.

#19 Lonely No More – Rob Thomas

From: …Something To Be

First and foremost, I would like to greet Rob Thomas a ‘Happy Birthday!’ Second, I do think this song gave Rob Thomas enough momentum for him to jumpstart his solo career. Third, I would like to say that if you are one Matchbox Twenty fan and simply love Rob Thomas’ vocals, you must listen to this one.

#20 Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley

From: Whenever You Need Somebody

The song may be uber cheesy due to the lyrics but the techno beats present in the song made sure that the song is very refined. As I have said in my review (Click HERE to read it) of the song, the chorus may have been abused but overall, the song is simply a treat to the senses.

#21 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic – The Police

From: Ghost In The Machine

The piano part in the song played by Jean Roussel made this song very gorgeous. Sting’s vocals are almost always great and the artistry of The Police just shines in the track. Tracks like Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic do indicate the immense creativity that the band had then.

#22 Wonderwall – Oasis

From: (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?

The American breakthrough song for the English rock outfit enters the playlist with their smash hit Wonderwall. It’s just sad to see the band disbanding because of some issues existing between the Gallagher brothers. Anyway, songs likeWonderwall made me like the band big time. I just hope that they get together. Heck, Tears For Fears got reunited and this made me believe that there is still hope.

#23 Far Away – Nickelback

From: All The Right Reasons

Described by vocalist Chad Kroeger as Nickelback’s ‘only real love song’, Far Away sounds indeed like it. It did surprise me when the band achieved massive success with the track. For the first time ever, the band had two top ten singles in the Hot 100 Billboard Charts thanks to Far Away‘s surprising success.

#24 Here Without You – 3 Doors Down

From: Away From The Sun

I still consider Here Without You as 3 Doors Down’s best hit that ever achieved mainstream success. Brad Arnold, vocalist of the band, actually said that the inspiration for the song was his now ex-wife. Pretty inspiring and sweet from the man e?

#25 Love Song For No One – John Mayer

From: Room For Squares

One of the first John Mayer material that I really loved. John Mayer definitely knows his stuff, no doubt. The way he was utilizing his guitar in his early years as a musician was just a pure treat to the hearing capabilities of the listeners.

#26 No One – Alicia Keys

From: As I Am

No One, which remains to be Alicia Keys’ biggest hit, is just a stunning pop record. Alicia Keys gives her all in this one and it clearly shows. Her voice is simply rich and soulful enough to make more successful releases in the future.

#27 Love Will Keep Us Alive – Eagles

From: Hell Freezes Over

Sung by bassist Timothy Schmitt, this song by the Eagles may not have been formally released as a single but it sure did capture the hearts of those people who just clamor for romantic material. When heard on the band’s live performances, you’ll end being amazed. Seriously.

#28 Drive – Incubus

From: Make Yourself

One of the best Incubus songs that I have ever heard. This is what I will constantly say about Drive which was released by the band in December 2000. What made this song so ace is the very great chorus. And come to think of it, Brandon Boyd’s artistry just shined big time in this one as well as the band’s.

#29 If You Leave Me Now – Chicago

From: Chicago X

Peter Cetera, then with Chicago as the bassist, sung this track and eventually became the group’s first number one hit. The arrangement of the track complemented the song very well and Cetera’s vocals just did not bore me at all.

#30 True – Spandau Ballet

From: True

What made this song a killer is the intro (the ‘huh-huh-huhs’ to be exact). It’s a great slow love ballad that has been the band’s most remembered song in the U.S. The instruments used in the song created a very charming sound which gets some strong emphasis in the song’s middle parts. Simply amazing.

#31 Everything – Michael Buble

From: Call Me Irresponsible

The guitar-driven track remains as one of Buble’s tracks that I really love. His musicality is just marvelous. I have got to admit that the track did surprise me considering how he sings in most of his songs. He may have changed his style a little bit in this track but come on, it worked so no worries.

#32 For You – The Calling

From: Daredevil: The Album

One of two movie soundtrack-associated tracks that gets into the playlist is For You. The orchestra-like sound in the track makes the track really great, you have got to say. Add Alex Band’s unique vocals and you got yourselves one of rock’s great love ballads.

#33 Love Song – 311

From: 50 First Dates Soundtrack

A fantastic cover of the song that originally came from The Cure appears into the playlist. The chord work done on the track is amazing. 311 definitely gave justice to the original with their superb effort. And a side note: 50 First Dates is actually a great movie. Just saying.

#34 Mandy – Barry Manilow

From: Barry Manilow II

The ballad by Barry Manilow eventually became his first number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts. It’s something that romantic people will love. It’s slow and smooth enough for romantic evenings. No wonder it’s impact is still being felt today whenever the ‘Love Month’ arrives.

#35 All You Need Is Love – The Beatles

Ranked 362nd by Rolling Stone in the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time

One of The Beatles’ hits that I truly loved. Tracks like this are a reason why The Beatles have become a major staple in the music industry. The track definitely remains as one of music’s most revolutionary singles, no doubt.

This ends the long Valentine Playlist of yours truly. Comments are appreciated.

The banner image was made by my friend, Kristine. Thank you so much Pards!

This is the first of the Valentine Playlists that I would be posting today! This playlist was done by Gem. You may have seen her Glee: The Music Volume 2 review (Click the link to read it: HERE) already in the blog. This time around, she contributes by sending in her Valentine Playlist. If you want to visit Gem’s blog, here is the link: CLICK

1. Daughters – John Mayer

They say girls tend to like guys who are like their fathers. Deep and poignant, this John Mayer ballad tells us why this is so, and how parental love is the foundation of a person’s concept of the emotion.

2. Haven’t Met You Yet – Michael Buble

For the man who works hard to find the girl of his dreams, this song is for you. Plus it’s really fun and catchy.

3. The Bird and the Worm – Owl City

Owl City songs are so cutesy and metaphorical that listeners tend to get lost in the song, but singer-songwriter Adam Young managed to make a great mix of melody and content to become this really gleeful song about the exhilaration of being with your special someone.

4. The Only Exception – Paramore

This song stands out in Paramore latest album, Brand New Eyes, because of its relatively slower tempo, but that’s not all that makes this song good. It has a great story and most anyone who experienced the healing power of love will attest to that.

5. Love Today – Mika

Someone should make this the official theme song of Valentine’s Day, nuff said.

6. Naman Kasi – Nicole Hyala

OPM love songs tend to go towards the cheesy side, but this song…well, it’s just so ridiculously cheesy that it’s tons of fun to listen to. Come on, who aren’t guilty of loving such lines as “Bangin ka ba kasi nahuhulog na ako sa yo?”.

7. Out of My League – Stephen Speaks

There’s something about this song that’s so enchanting. Perhaps it’s because it’s every girl’s fantasy to have a guy like her as much as this guy in the song does; for guys, fall in love with a girl that’s totes out of reach. Beautiful.

8. I’ll Cover You – Rent

A sweet and simple duet that went on to become one of the most memorable Broadway love songs.

9. What A Good Boy – The Barenaked Ladies

A really cool song about the triumph of love over pressure and problems in life.

10. You and I Both – Jason Mraz

I just love happy breakup songs, and Jason Mraz makes the best ones. If only all guys were as un-bitter as this one.

11. My Junk – Spring Awakening

Because “Crush” just doesn’t cut it anymore these days.

12. Sunday Morning – Maroon 5

With its feel good tone and Adam’s pretty lovable voice, this song is a perfect accompaniment to a walk in the park with your loved ones or a karaoke party with your friends.

13. 1234 – Feist

Love can get very strange and unpredictable and it can’t work out for the best for everyone. The childlike quirkiness of this song share that feeling in the the most lighthearted way possible. And the music video is so cool.

14. These Words – Natasha Bedingfield

“I love you”, sometimes there are just no others words to say it. This song is a testament to the strange phenomenon of the power of those three words.

These songs were contributed by Gem Carpio aka VitaminGem. Gem is 16 years old and currently a BS Electronics and Communications Engineering freshman in the University of the Philippines – Diliman. She enjoys music more than anything and if engineering doesn’t work out for her, she’d really like to be a performer. Her favorite song is Yellow and her favorite color is orange. She enjoys listening to fun songs from fun artists like Mika, Lady GaGa, Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, Lily Allen, Kate Nash, and The Beatles. She also really likes Broadway musicals and ball games that involve knocking things over.

This is it! Part VII finally shows the Top 10 list of songs that got out this 2009. Again, comments will be appreciated. My Top 10 list may not be looking good at all but still, I believe these songs really deserved it. Let us now get the ball rolling and end this countdown!

#10 I Am Not A Robot – Marina and the Diamonds
From: The Crown Jewels EP
A very soulful single coming from the Welsh artist cracks into my Top 10. The richness of Marina Diamandi’s vocals truly is shown here. I expect her to make a huge impact come 2010 as she releases her debut album The Family Jewels. British women do rule in my opinion.
#9 Empire State of Mind – Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys
From: Blueprint 3
The best hiphop song that came out this year. Period. I would never have thought about the combination of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys working at all. It just seemed that their musical styles won’t mesh at all. However,Empire State of Mind proved me wrong big time. The song that got featured in the recent World Series delivers a patriotic message and yes, Jay-Z’s verses have really evolved in his latest album and this song showed how. Let us not forget how Alicia Keys sounded in this one. Hitting the high notes was truly spectacular and she made sure that the song will not fall apart.
#8 I Wish – Mini Viva
From: Colloquial Obsession
The British all-female pop group Mini Viva enters the countdown at #8 with I Wish. Flaunting off a very irresistible chorus, the song about regrets really excels all because of the lively vocals of Mini Viva. He could be the one who hits the light inside my soul. Great line and delivers the message perfectly. Thank you Mini Viva!
#7 Remedy – Little Boots
From: Hands
The RedOne-produced track for Victoria Hesketh, more known by her stage name as Little Boots, gets the 7th spot. The song is definitely a keeper for those who love listening to dance tracks. Remedy does possess a very sick and infectious beat that can make your head spin around. Definitely worth listening.
#6 No You Girls – Franz Ferdinand
From: Tonight: Franz Ferdinand
In my humble opinion, No You Girls is the best song from the latest effort of the band coming from Glassgow, Scottland. No You Girls features a very catchy chorus and a very scintillating guitar sound. No wonder why the song got featured in an iPod advertisement.
#5 The Spell – Alphabeat
From: The Spell
Danish pop group Alphabeat enters the countdown at #5 with their very impressive The Spell. The song inspired by Black Box’ I Don’t Know Anybody Else features a very powerful hook which is also groovy. Anders SG’s vocal work is simply amazing. The song sounds modern with a touch of the 80s or 90s. This song is really a must-have for your playlists.
#4 The Fear – Lily Allen
From: It’s Not Me, It’s You
Lily Allen makes her second appearance on the countdown with The Fear. What I like about the song is that it has very witty lyrics. Lily Allen really writes well. Compliment this ability with your voice and you got yourselves a very powerful combo. Fortunately, Allen does possess this combo. The Fear sounds a little bit different from common pop records. However, the song still packs a lot of punch thanks to Allen’s vocals and intelligence. Lily Allen just never stops evolving musically.
#3 Uprising – Muse
From: The Resistance
Coming off an appearance at Twilight’s soundtrack (which I found to be very disappointing), Muse came back this 2009 with their first single, Uprising, for their fifth studio effort. The guitar work sounds awesome. Matt Bellamy can really be considered as one of rock’s gods in my opinion. Muse is already a rock legend. Their craft continues to get better with every album that they release.
#2 Bad Romance – Lady GaGa
From: The Fame Monster
Initially, I thought of Bad Romance as my #1 for this countdown. However, I heard suddenly this song which also came out this 2009 which definitely blew me away. Anyway, Bad Romance is one of Lady GaGa’s greatest singles ever. Heck, even the music video looks very polished and grand. Lady GaGa’s musicality is just one of the best ever in my opinion. Even though Poker Face got overplayed before, my respect for Lady GaGa’s craft never wavered and I am very happy that my respect did not waver at all.
#1 Bulletproof – La Roux
From: La Roux
Bulletproof is the song that totally blew me away. Eleanor Jackson’s sweet delivery absolutely is the bomb. We must also not forget Ben Langmaid’s synth work in this song. Very awesome work done by the two members of La Roux. Everything about this song is simply spectacular – the verses, the chorus, the arrangement, and the vocals. I am just really happy that I got to know this song even though it was by accident.
This ends my countdown. Thanks for reading the entries, by the way! As for the other parts of the countdown, I will give their links which can be found below:
Again, thank you so much especially to all the people who helped me big time.

We are now in the stretch drive as the final part (Part VII) approaches. So far, the comments have been pretty constructive. Just keep them coming! I reply to most of the comments anyway. Also, the songs that got included starting from Part IV are now RANKED ACCORDINGLY. Let us get the ball rolling now!
#20 We Are Golden – Mika
From: The Boy Who Knew Too Much
When I heard this song, I quickly thought of Gospel meets High School Musical all due to the choirs that Mika used in this song. Still, I find the song to be convincing enough that all the success that Mika garnered in his previous effort Life In Cartoon Motion was not a fluke at all.
#19 Fireflies – Owl City
From: Ocean Eyes
I got to say that I initially considered Fireflies to be one of the gayest songs that I have heard in my entire life. However, after being convinced to just listen to the song, I liked it. Adam Young’s vocals are top-notch and the lyrics absolutely made sense. The synthesizer’s presence is very lovely as well.
#18 Brick By Boring Brick – Paramore
From: Brand New Eyes
Clearly the best song in Brand New EyesBrick By Boring Brick‘s opening riff is simply a touch of musical genius. Once you hear it, you’ll immediately know that the track can grow on you and boy, it did wonderfully. The music video is very good too. Sadly, Hayley Williams has ditched her blonde hair already.
#17 Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh) – Pixie Lott
From: Turn It Up
This song clearly told one strong message: Pixie Lott will be one of UK’s biggest artists soon enough. Her voice is very charming and her vocal range is simply off the charts. I just sincerely hope that Miss Pixie Lott does not get overrated. Seriously, I am really hoping for her not to be overrated.
#16 Revelry – Kings Of Leon
From: Only By The Night
The fourth single out of the American band’s 4th studio effort sounds very mellow and not as loud as Use Somebody. Caleb Followill’s vocals remain as one of the best rock vocals I have ever heard this year. Though weirdly enough, I really liked the song all because of the drums done by Caleb’s brother, Nathan.
#15 Just Say Yes – Snow Patrol
From: Up To Now
With Snow Patrol trying to change things up a bit, Just Say Yes ended up as the product of their efforts. Just Say Yes sounds very new and fresh. The surprising incorporation of the synthesizer is simply brilliant. Lyrics may be cheesy but they work.
#14 Zero – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
From: It’s Blitz!
Karen O is simply one of the best female vocalists ever. Her vocals sound mesmerizing, fresh, and simply one-of-a-kind. Zero is a very innovative rock song. The warbling beat from the synthesizer is also special and very likeable as well. The Yeah Yeahs just never cease to make well-crafted music.
#13 TiK ToK – Ke$ha
From: Animal
You may know Ke$ha for her work in Flo Rida’s Right Round single. That Flo Rida single was actually her big break. Now, we now see how Ke$ha can work as a solo artist with TiK ToKTiK ToK is a very sexy party song filled with infectious pop hook. Simply awesome stuff and it has been on repeat in my iTunes playlist for a long time already.
#12 Undisclosed Desires – Muse
From: The Resistance
Undisclosed Desires lets one see Muse try incorporating some R&B into their music. Matt Bellamy’s vocals remain as awesome as ever. The song sounds very much like it got produced from Timbaland but heck, the song sounds very groovy added with the creativity that only Muse can give. Pretty awesome stuff.
#11 Under The Sheets – Ellie Goulding
Ellie Goulding surprised me with this song. I initially thought that this single would be nothing special and simply trash. All of these opinions changed after hearing the song. Goulding’s vocals are absolutely special and the song showcases it well – all parts of the song feature her rich vocals. The song is not your ordinary pop tune. It’s way more than that. Ellie Goulding is one artist to look out in 2010.

As the year 2009 ends, we are now getting closer into knowing the Top 10 songs of this countdown. The songs starting from Part IV are now RANKED ACCORDINGLY. Comments will really be appreciated and yes, any violent reaction can be posted to. After all, we live in a democratic country.
#30 Please Don’t Stop The Rain – James Morrison
From: Songs For You, Truths For Me
James Morrison’s stock is definitely on the rise. If he continues to do material like Please Don’t Stop The Rain and the equally-awesome Broken Strings, his path to more success just got brighter. His material are easy to relate with and that makes him special. Kudos to you James Morrison!
#29 Love Etc. – Pet Shop Boys
From: Yes
When I heard  this song one time while watching The Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, I was wondering who were those guys performing. It turned out that those guys were actually the Pet Shop Boys. I was pretty surprised about this development. After all, the Pet Shop Boys have been playing since 1981. Anyway, I think Love Etc. actually sounds like a very great electropop record. The present generation will surely appreciate this single from the Pet Shop Boys
#28 Good Girls Go Bad – Cobra Starship feat. Leighton Meester
From: Hot Mess
Disregarding the senseless lyrics, Good Girls Go Bad still remains one of the songs that I really loved this year. If there’s one thing I learned through this song, then that would be Leighton Meester can actually sing. Good Girls Go Bad possesses a very catchy and the repetition of the line “I’ll make them good girls go bad!” by Gabe Saporta is brilliant.
#27 Untouched – The Veronicas
From: Hook Me Up
I first heard of The Veronicas through MTV’s Total Request Live. The song played back then was When It All Falls Apart. I was in awe after hearing the song. One time, I saw that their video for Untouched was available for free on iTunes. Watching the video made me appreciate the talent of The Veronicas. Untouched is absolutely catchy and yes, when you listen closely to the song, you’ll really appreciate how the voice of The Veronicas blend. They are that awesome.
#26 Sexy Bitch – David Guetta feat. Akon
From: One Love
David Guetta has finally gained some mainstream exposure with his album One Love. And in One Love, this track, Sexy Bitch, definitely surprised me. I do not quickly appreciate any track that has an Akon appearance for reasons unknown. However, this track quickly got my attention and in time, I loved it. The lyrics may be very senseless but one line is pure gold and that would be I’m trying to find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful. Pure gold, as I have said.
#25 Down – Jay Sean feat. Lil’ Wayne
From: All or Nothing
When I found out that some song named Down officially broke the record run of I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas, I was really happy. Afterwards, I quickly listened to it and felt great. As a bonus, I also recommend its Candle Light Remix. Just listen to it and I assure you, you’ll love the song more. In closing, as I have said before, Down is a great party song. Hopefully, the song has chartered Jay Sean’s path to success.
#24 Automatic – Tokio Hotel
From: Humanoid
Automatic was not the first song that I’ve heard from the German band. It was actuallyMonsoon which I absolutely loved. After seeing Automatic‘s music video, I knew that the song may be too mainstream-friendly and sure enough, the single has garnered the band enough attention. Still, Automatic is one of the band’s great singles out there but for me, nothing beatsMonsoon.
#23 All The Right Moves – OneRepublic
From: Waking Up
OneRepublic came back roaring this year with All The Right MovesAll The Right Movessounded really different from previous material that came out of Ryan Tedder’s band. All The Right Moves indeed was fresh and a highly-energized OneRepublic track that I really loved. It may not sound like the classic OneRepublic material such as Apologize and Mercy but it still remains a polished record.
#22 Fuck You – Lily Allen
From: It’s Not Me, It’s You
Another smash hit from Lily Allen. The music video for this single was visually stunning. The chorus prettily much convinced me that this song is the bomb. Lily Allen never ceases to amaze. The chorus in this song may be filled with profanities but heck, the song is simply special. Her talent is definitely skyrocketing. I just hope her next records will be better.
#21 I’m On A Boat – The Lonely Island feat. T-Pain
From: Incredibad
I’m On A Boat is pure comedy gold. Search for the music video of it on YouTube and you’ll definitely love the single. The Lonely Island’s comedy prowess simply showed up in this song. I’m On A Boat is the best hit from Saturday Night Live’s hiphop hits. The way the verses were delivered is also awesome to the nth level. The appearance of T-Pain adds a touch of creativity as well. Simply amazing.

As we get closer to the Top 10 of the countdown, I would like to remind you that Part IV marks the time where the songs are now ranked accordingly. By this, I mean that the songs are now in order unlike in Parts I – III where I just put the songs without much thought. Comments will really be appreciated. These comments are helpful in my desire to improve my blogging skills. Thank you so much!
#40 Death of Auto-Tune – Jay-Z
From: The Blueprint 3
Jay-Z enters with his first song in this countdown through Death of Auto-Tune. Sampling Steam’s Na Na Hey Kiss Him Goodbye, the song shines through Jay-Z message against the abuse of the Auto-Tune technology. I do think that this is the first Jay-Z song that I really liked. His verses have really evolved and this song clearly shows that.
#39 Panic Switch – Silversun Pickups
From: Swoon
The first song by an independent artist to become #1 on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart in 11 years, Panic Switch features a very heavy intro. Brian Aubert’s screaming still sounds great. The guitars in this sound really just sound perfect. And I know that this song is familiar to those who play the video game Rock Band.
#38 My Life Would Suck Without You – Kelly Clarkson
From: All I Ever Wanted
One of the best examples of a Pop-Rock song comes at number 38 with My Life Would Suck Without You. Kelly Clarkson goes back to playing edgy songs with this one. It absolutely is a very great record without the fruitiness that has been somewhat commonplace for Pop songs nowadays.
#37 Don’t Stop Believing – Glee Cast
From: Glee: The Music, Volume 1
Never in the world would I include Arnel Pineda’s Don’t Stop Believing in this countdown. NEVER. I just found his stint with Journey to be disappointing. Anyway, I think that this is the song that really pushed Glee into its success. Awesome cover and the arrangement as well is simply brilliant.
#36 Sweet Dreams – Beyonce
From: I Am . . . Sasha Fierce
One of the three songs that I loved in Mrs. Jay-Z’s newest album is Sweet Dreams. A very strong bassline really worked to perfection. Beyonce’s vocals are magic. It raises then lowers perfectly. Sweet Dreams is really one great pop record. The music video is also a visual treat.
#35 You And I – Medina
From: Velkommen til Medina (Danish for Welcome to Medina)
When I saw this single being played on Channel V, I instantly got hooked. A very danceable song and the constant repetitions of the phrase “You and I” makes it very interesting. Certainly, the song will be a great addition to all your playlists though it did not receive lots of mainstream exposure that it certainly deserves.
#34 3 – Britney Spears
From: The Singles Collection
Another Max Martin-produced track for Britney Spears has done immense wonders. The lyrics may be filled with innuendos but it is a surefire dance hit. If Britney continues to do more uptempo songs like this, I would be very happy to listen. She really sounds better in this type of songs in my opinion.
#33 Make Her Say – Kid Cudi feat. Kanye West and Common
From: Man On The Moon: The End of Day
Kid Cudi just continues to be spectacular. Alongisde Day ‘n’ NiteMake Her Say is one of the few impressive songs in Cudi’s Man On The Moon album. Sampling Lady GaGa’s acoustic version of Poker Face included in The Cherrytree Sessions EPMake Her Say just proves that there are still respectable hiphop songs left for people to listen to. It’s all about digging deep into those songs people.
#32 You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift
From: Fearless
What a year it has been for Ms. Swift. After that controversial moment with Kanye West, Swift continued to win various awards, most notably those FIVE awards that she got from the American Music Awards. You Belong With Me is not your typical country song. It actually sounds more pop until you notice the sound that those guitars make which can only be heard in country songs. Still, those people who don’t love the Country genre should try this one.
#31 For Your Entertainment – Adam Lambert
From: For Your Entertainment
The runner-up to Kris Allen in American Idol, Adam Lambert (who was my favorite alongside Ms. Iraheta), finally came out with his debut album, For Your Entertainment this year. The debut single, For Your Entertainment, is one of the two tracks that I am currently liking big time so far. It sounds groovy and the hook is just mesmerizing. Despite that performance he had during the American Music Awards, I will still be a fan of Mr. Lambert.

Part III of my Year-End Countdown is the last part wherein the songs are NOT RANKED ACCORDINGLY. Again, I apologize for putting One Time by Justin Bieber a rank higher than Miley Cyrus’ Party In The U.S.A. Still, I would like to reiterate that songs from #75-41 are NOT RANKED ACCORDINGLY. Comments will be appreciated wholeheartedly. The real fun starts on song #40. Just stay tuned for that.
#50 Her Diamonds – Rob Thomas
From: Cradlesong
The Matchbox Twenty frontman has released his second solo album Cradlesong with Her Diamonds being the first single released for it. Thomas actually sounds great as a solo artist. Her Diamonds sounds as great as Thomas’ previous singles Lonely No More and This Is How A Heart Breaks. The song which tells about Thomas’ wife’s battle with an auto-immune disease got in this countdown all because of the chorus. Absolutely stunning in my opinion.
#49 Black Heart Inertia – Incubus
From: Monuments and Melodies
Incubus manages to enter the countdown with Black Heart Inertia, the first of two new singles out of the band’s compilation album Monuments and Melodies. The song can be described as guitar-heavy and boy, Brandon Boyd’s vocals have remained great throughout the years.
#48 Life In Technicolor II – Coldplay
From: Prospekt’s March
The Grammy-nominated Life In Technicolor II enters the countdown at number 48. For those who do not know, the instrumental version (Life In Technicolor) appeared in the album Viva La Vida, one of the best albums of all time in my opinion. Anyway, I think thatLife In Technicolor II is one heckuva rock single. The usage of the santoor in the intro is absolutely gold. Great work yet again from Coldplay in my opinion.
#47 21 Guns – Green Day
From: 21st Century Breakdown
One, twenty one guns! Lay down your arms, give up the fight.” Once I heard this line, I knew this Green Day has just hit the target. Essentially, 21 Guns is one song from 21st Century Breakdown that I really like. The song is downright anthemic which makes it particularly strong.
#46 Waking Up In Vegas – Katy Perry
From: One of the Boys
This song just helped the Pop genre gain back some respect in my opinion. Alongside Lady GaGa, Katy Perry has helped the Pop genre big time this year and this song is one proof.Waking Up In Vegas remains as Perry’s most energetic song and for some reason, the song reminds me of the line “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”
#45 I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas
From: The E.N.D.
The overplayed I Gotta Feeling makes it at number 45. The David Guetta-produced track is actually sick. With an infectious beat accompanying its fun lyrics, I Gotta Feelingeventually ended up as one of music’s best party songs this year. The over-usage of the dreaded Auto-tune is a huge downside though.
#44 Somebody To Love – Glee Cast
From: Glee: The Music, Volume 1
The Queen classic got the Glee treatment in its 5th episode entitled The Rhodes Not Taken. In my opinion, the Glee cover of the Queen classic is terrific and simply inspiring. Lea Michele continues to shine thanks to the TV series. However, I just can’t help but notice that the Auto-Tune is being abused on Cory Monteith. Come on, let the guy sing!
#43 Don’t Trust Me – 3OH!3
From: Want
3OH!3 entered the mainstream scene with Don’t Trust Me, their second studio album.Don’t Trust Me shines greatly through its chorus – very catchy and can induce the Last Song Syndrome (LSS) as well. The lyrics may turn off some people but I think the lyrics are actually good.
#42 New Perspective – Panic! At The Disco
From: Jennifer’s Body: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
After the departures of Ryan Ross and Jon Walker, Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith were the only members left of the band Panic! At The Disco. I actually thought that P!ATD was over. Suddenly, I heard news that this single was released. Way to go to prove me wrong! The single really sounds great and it may just prove enough that Urie and Smith can really do their thing even if it is just the two of them left.
#41 She Wolf – Shakira
From: She Wolf
The Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira returned with a bang this year with She Wolf. On first listen, I did not really like the single but after a listen, I just appreciated it. The track sounds very disco and sexy at the same time and the chorus is actually brilliant

This post will now show the second part of my ongoing Year-End Countdown. Again, songs ranked from #75-41 are NOT RANKED ACCORDINGLY. So if you saw One Time by Justin Bieber ranked higher than Party In The U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus, do not cry blasphemy. Also, comments would be very appreciated. The banner image was made by my friend Katrina. Thanks again Katrina!
#60 Celebration – Madonna
From: Celebration
Madonna begins the Part 2 of the countdown with Celebration, one of only two (or three if the bonus track is to be considered) new tracks of her third greatest hits album which is also named CelebrationCelebration lets one see Madonna return to her dance roots. The only downside of the song is that the verses are actually bland. However, this should not stop one from enjoying the single.
#59 The Fire – Imogen Heap
From: Ellipse
Imogen Heap’s instrumental, The Fire, makes it into the countdown. The Fire is simply great. Every element just falls into place for this song. The way the song was played by Imogen Heap is sheer genius. I rarely like instrumentals but this one left me amazed. Imogen Heap’s artistry truly shines and this material from her just shows why.
#58 Delusional – Simon Curtis
I only knew Simon Curtis thanks to Ken from The Beat Review. Delusional is one awesome pop record possessing a sick beat and what makes it good is that it is also relevant and fresh. I do not agree that Simon Curtis is the male Lady GaGa. He still has a long way to go from making that happen in my honest opinion. Still, Delusional is a must-have for any music lover out there.
#57 Crying Lightning – Arctic Monkeys
From: Humbug
The Arctic Monkeys never cease to impress. Their material is simply like no other. Crying Lightning really impressed me. The sound of this song is terrific. This song only proved that bands from Europe tend to produce a more awesome sound than their American counterparts.
#56 Never Say Never – The Fray
From: The Fray
Never Say Never is one of the best singles out of the band from Denver’s latest self-titled album. Isaac Slade’s vocals are really brilliant in this song. The distinct piano sound that only The Fray can give is also present. Never Say Never also got featured in the filmTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen‘s soundtrack. Sheer genius.
#55 Get On Your Boots – U2
From: No Line On The Horizon
As an avid U2 fan, I was left a little bit disappointed after listening to the Irish band’s latest outing. I have got to admit though that Get On Your Boots got me hooked. The Edge’s chord work again does wonders. Of course, Bono would not be outdone as he show that he still can do it.
#54 Friday I’ll Be Over U – Allison Iraheta
From: Just Like You
Allison Iraheta’s first single after her Idol career is uh-may-zing. The girl can certainly rock it out and this song shows why. Songs like this from Allison are the reason why I rooted for her in the previous Idol season. Ms. Iraheta’s got a bright future ahead of her. I just hope she sustains all the momentum  that she could get out of her first album.
#53 Before The Worst – The Script
From: The Script
Though not really as impressive as The Man Who Can’t Be MovedBefore The Worstmanages to retain that quality which only the Irish band can give. Listening to Danny O’Donoghue’s rapping absolutely made the song a keeper in my opinion. The song is definitely worth listening.
#52 Forever Is Over – The Saturdays
From: Wordshaker
The Saturdays’ attempt at recording a rock song paid off. However, as I have said before,Forever Is Over is not the best track from The Saturdays’ latest offering (their sophomore effort which is Wordshaker). The song is simply good but not outstanding. There is a clear difference between the two.
#51 Gravity – Sara Bareilles
From: Little Voice
Sara Bareilles is definitely one of the best artists I have ever heard. Period. Alongside the Grammy-nominated Love Song and the equally awesome One Sweet LoveGravity is one of my personal favorites in Bareilles’ Little Voice album. A song filled with intense emotion and class definitely deserves to be in my countdown, no doubt.