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Finally, the moment we have been waiting for has arrived! Lady GaGa’s newest single, Alejandro, now has its video released! My comments can be found below the video.

1. It all looks like I was watching some horror film at first.

2. However, GaGa turns it up and it all becomes like a soft-core porn film.

3. GaGa seems to be paying homage to the one and only Madonna with the video.

4. Again, this might spark some controversy but come on, this is GaGa. She pushes the boundaries of everyone’s senses every time she releases a video.

5. Is it good though? It was okay for me. The dance routine was good to see though.

The video is not for those who are immature, to be honest. Hopefully, no overreactions are done regarding this new video by GaGa. And to end this post, here is a picture of GaGa herself:


Lady GaGa’s music video for her next single Alejandro is not yet out but after a long wait, a glimpse of the upcoming video has finally surfaced.

The clip is obviously short but man, the artistry is there yet again. The creativity seems to be flowing continuously yet again. Typical GaGa, what’s not to love?

Magical. Divine. Amazing. Spectacular. Insert other superlatives and they all fit Kylie Minogue’s music video for All The Lovers. To see Kylie’s awesome (okay, that is another superlative) music video, here it is in all its shining glory:

I have to ask, what the eff is a horse doing there? Still, this is a music video that screams ‘eye candy’ right from the start. Still not satisfied? Read my review of All The Lovers as well!
Robyn’s newest single, Dancing On My Own, finally has its music video out! The single still remains as my early candidate for Best Song of 2010. The creativity in the video is simply fantastic. Still not convinced? Watch the video to see for yourselves. And if you want to see my written thoughts about this single, read my review: Dancing On My Own review

The video for It’s On, the latest offering from the Jonas Brothers for the upcoming Camp Rock 2 film and soundtrack is now out! The video, directed by Brandon Dickerson, allows fans to have a glimpse on what they will see in the upcoming movie. To view the video, I have embedded the video below:

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam is a flat out rock n’ roll musical that celebrates music in the best way imaginable. Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam will premiere on September 3 (Friday) on Disney Channel. The movie’s soundtrack, which consists of 15 tracks from the hip-hop, rock, and pop genres, will be released on August 10 (Tuesday) on iTunes and in record shops nationwide.
Here is some great behind-the-scenes footage of Kelis’ latest music video Acapella. To satisfy everyone’s curiosities, here is the video:

As for the video itself, here it is below:
Kelis’ upcoming album named Flesh Tone will be out on July 6 under Music Group/Interscope. The album, as confirmed by Amazon, will have 9 tracks. The track listing is posted below for your convenience:

1. Intro
2. 22nd Century/Segue 1
3. 4th of July (Fireworks)/Segue 2
4. Home/Segue 3
5. Acapella/Segue 4
6. Scream
7. Emancipate/Segue 5
8. Brave/Segue 6
9. Song for the Baby

    One of my personal favorites from Alphabeat’s album The Spell (the album name in Denmark) or The Beat Is (the album name internationally) finally has a music video out. DJ (I Could Be Dancing) was re-recorded for the video and honestly, I think it was a great move. The single sounds much better than the original now though the original also was great in its own merit.

    As for the video, I think it really was done superbly. It utilizes some 70′s vibe with the presence of all those disco balls, spinning records, and the like. My favorite scene would be the ‘glow in the dark scene’ where Stine had this neon green eye lashes. To satisfy your curiosity, here is the video in its full glory:

    Two previews for Christina Aguilera’s newest release Not Myself Tonight have sprung up in YouTube. The music video, which will be released on April 30, is directed by Hype Williams (Empire State of Mind, Viva La Vida, Heartless). As for my thoughts regarding the sneak peeks, I can honestly say that I am not that amazed but there is a reason why such previews are called sneak peeks. Interested, I am and here is me hoping that Christina Aguilera delivers in grand fashion. Anyway, the videos are posted below for your convenience:
    Justin Timberlake’s gorgeous protege from Netherlands has finally released the full video for her third official single entitled Love Dealer. The single features Esmée’s mentor Justin Timberlake. I really loved the single when I gave Esmée’s album a spin last year. Love Dealer is one of the albums solid tracks. As for the track’s video, I would give say it is a little bit iffy but since Esmée’s beauty gets some spotlight, I can say the video is very likable. Yes, that statement I just said has bias but seriously, do give this video a look and see for yourselves!
    Owl City’s video for Vanilla Twilight is now released! I liked the video and there is a huge surprise in the video. If you want a clue about the surprise, here it is: It’s actually an NBA center who plays for an Eastern Conference team. Simply another brilliant effort by Adam Young.