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With the 52nd Grammy Awards done, I am left here shaking my head in disgust with what transpired in the said event. As a recap, Taylor Swift won the following awards: ‘Album of the Year’ (Fearless), ‘Best Female Country Vocal Performance’ (White Horse), ‘Best Country Song’ (White Horse), and ‘Best Country Album’ (Fearless). Why the disgust? I just could not imagine Taylor Swift beating Lady GaGa, Beyonce, Dave Matthews Band, and Black Eyed Peas for the ‘Album of the Year’. Seriously speaking, a record that is capable of winning ‘Album of the Year’ (more on this later) should be a record that gives one that sense of overflowing satisfaction when you listen to the whole album (all the tracks must be likable to say the least) and did I find Fearless to be satisfying? Not really and this is where the problem begins.

This is the huge problem with the just concluded Grammy Awards. It became a glorified gesture of showing sympathy to an artist who received a terrible interruption back at the Video Music Awards.

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. So am I actually saying that what Mr. Kanye West did back then was actually correct? NO. What Mr. West did then is still wrong. However, this action done by Kanye triggered a massive outpour of support for Taylor Swift. Come on, who would not feel sorry for the country star? She did not have the chance to do her speech because of Kanye then. But looking at the way things are at the present, I can only feel disappointed.

I would like to focus first on Swift’s ‘Best Female Country Vocal Performance’ win. In this category, she bested Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride, and Lee Ann Womack. Honestly, I was okay with Swift winning this category though the thought that artists who receive massive mainstream exposure can only win Grammy’s came into my mind.

This time, let us put into perspective Swift’s ‘Best Country Song’ victory. In this category, Swift bested Trace Adkins, Lady Antebellum, Jamey Johnson, and Billy Currington. A victory over Lady Antebellum just happened. I was frankly disappointed with this. Sure, I Run To You by Lady Antebellum only peaked at #27 at the Billboard Hot 100. Sure, White Horse peaked higher than the aforementioned song by placing 13th. However, does that mainstream exposure is actually a key factor in winning awards? Give me a break.

Swift winning ‘Best Country Album’ did not surprise me anymore. It was established at the awards that Swift is the best country performer. What can I do about that? Sadly, nothing. However, one of the most heinous robberies in music awards history has yet to occur.

Here comes the ‘Album of the Year’ award in all its shining glory. One might think of the following questions or thoughts: ‘Did it go into Lady GaGa’s hands?’ No. ‘How about the award going to Beyonce’s hands?’ Nah-uh. ‘How about the award going to the hands of the Dave Matthews Band?’ Nah-uh-uh. ‘Well, I’m sure the Black Eyed Peas won then.’ You are wrong sir. Taylor Swift actually won it.

Fearless actually defeated The FameI Am… Sasha FierceThe E.N.D., and Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King. This is musical blasphemy at its finest. The Fame redefined the Pop genre. I Am… Sasha Fierce showed more of Beyonce’s vocal prowess. The E.N.D. actually gave us some nifty party tunes. Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King just showed how great rock tunes can be. As for Fearless, it was not truly spectacular but it did have some stand-out tracks.

Why did this happen? Personally, I thought that this happened because of a combination of several factors.

One, music people thought that Taylor actually has more talent than the artists she defeated. Seriously speaking though, I actually think this is a big time mistake. Lady GaGa definitely has more creativity than Swift. Beyonce has more vocal power than Swift. I could go on and on and on with this one.

Two, music people thought that Taylor being interrupted by Kanye gave Taylor more support. Thus, whatever happens, people are now going to support Taylor no matter what. Another big time mistake. Sure, I did not like what Kanye did but in terms of musicality, he still rules over Taylor. Why would I prefer an artist who only makes tunes suitable for the teenyboppers there? That’s not creative and award-winning music. It’s simply ordinary music – nothing too fancy and nothing too special.

Lastly, giving the awards to Taylor just glorifies the gesture of showing massive support and sympathy. Come on, it has been ages since the VMA incident happened. It’s time to move on. The Grammy’s are based on musicality and not on popularity. Come on. It’s disgusting. It’s absolutely frustrating. Sympathy obviously overflowed.

Did Taylor Swift deserve the ‘Album of the Year’ award? NO. It is just too sad that other more deserving artists got beaten by someone who just won because of sympathy. Simply disgusting. Again, sympathy obviously overflowed.