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Semi Precious Weapons’ debut album for Interscope Records named You Love You is all set for a June 22 release. The album is produced by Jack Joseph Puig (Beck, Green Day) and has nine tracks that intend to showcase the band’s versatility and creativity. The track listing for the said album is now released and without further adieu, I am sharing it below alongside the album artwork:

1. Semi Precious Weapons
2. Put A Diamond In It
3. Magnetic Baby
4. Statues Of Ourselves
5. Sticky With Champagne
6. I Could Die
7. Leave Your Pretty To Me
8. Rock N Roll Never Looked So Beautiful
9. Look At Me

Again, here are the key details for the album:
Release Date: June 22, 2010
Label: Interscope Records
Producer: Jack Joseph Puig

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Enrique’s first bilingual studio album entitled Euphoria will be released on the 6th of July. The list of guest stars include Akon, Nicole Scherzinger, Usher, Pitbull, Lionel Richie, amongst many others. Two singles have been released for the album – one is I Like It which is part of the Jersey Shore Soundtrack and the other is Cuando Me Enamoro which features Juan Luis Guerra. The album cover has also been released. It looks smooth for me. The tracklist also is out and without further adieu, here it is (album cover included):


1. Cuando Me Enamoro (Feat. Juan Luis Guerra)
2. No Me Digas Que No (Feat. Wisin & Yandel)
3. Ayer
4. Dile Que
5. I Like It (Feat. Pitbull & Lionel Richie)
6. One Day at a Time (Feat. Akon)
7. I Can Feel Your Heartbeat (Feat. Nicole Scherzinger)
8. Dirty Dancer (With Usher)
9. Tu Y Yo
10. No Me Digas Que No

Buy Cuando Me Enamoro in iTunes
Buy I Like It in iTunes
Again, the album will be released on July 6, 2010.

Australian rocker chick Orianthi is all set to re-release her album Believe with Believe (II). Her latest single, Shut Up & Kiss Me, will be included in the re-release alongside three other new tracks. If you want to know what I think about her latest single, click the link: Shut Up & Kiss Me review And while you are at it, you might want to read my review of Believe as well: Believe review

Also, the music video for Shut Up & Kiss Me has been released. The video can be seen below for your convenience.

The music video for Allison Goldfrapp’s newest single, Alive, is also out! The single will be released on the 7th of June. The video is simply marvelous. Watch the video to see for yourselves.
Here is some great behind-the-scenes footage of Kelis’ latest music video Acapella. To satisfy everyone’s curiosities, here is the video:

As for the video itself, here it is below:
Kelis’ upcoming album named Flesh Tone will be out on July 6 under Music Group/Interscope. The album, as confirmed by Amazon, will have 9 tracks. The track listing is posted below for your convenience:

1. Intro
2. 22nd Century/Segue 1
3. 4th of July (Fireworks)/Segue 2
4. Home/Segue 3
5. Acapella/Segue 4
6. Scream
7. Emancipate/Segue 5
8. Brave/Segue 6
9. Song for the Baby

    Robyn has released all the artwork related to her upcoming releases, her latest single Dancing On My Own and her upcoming album Body Talk Pt. 1.
    As you all know, I really loved Dancing On My Own so much that I quickly thought that it is an early candidate for the Best Song of 2010. To see more of my thoughts regarding the song, click this link: Dancing On My Own review
    Release Date: June 7, 2010
    Lastly, here is the album sleeve for Body Talk Pt.1, the first of a three-part album series by the Swedish artist. A theme said to be prevalent in the album is ‘technology versus humanity.’ Hopefully, the album should not disappoint all of Robyn’s fans.
    Release Date: June 14, 2010

    With the American hit comedy series consistently churning out great covers of songs from the past and the not-so-distant past, Columbia Records is all set to release the third volume of songs that the show covered in the second half of its first season. The album will have a Deluxe Edition which contains 20 tracks. As for the Standard Edition, 14 tracks are included.

    Track Listing (Deluxe Edition):

    1. Hello Goodbye (Originally by The Beatles)
    2. Gives You Hell (Originally by The All-American Rejects)
    3. Hello (feat. Jonathan Groff) (Originally by Lionel Richie)
    4. A House Is Not A Home (Originally by Dionne Warwick)
    5. One Less Bell To Answer/A House Is Not A Home (feat. Kristin Chenoweth) (Originally by Barbra Streisand)
    6. Beautiful (Originally by Christina Aguilera)
    7. Home (feat. Kristin Chenoweth) (Originally by Stephanie Mills)
    8. Physical (feat. Olivia Newton-John) (Originally by Olivia Newton-John)
    9. Total Eclipse of the Heart (feat. Jonathan Groff) (Originally by Bonnie Tyler)
    10. The Lady Is A Tramp (Originally by the Cast of Babes In Arms)
    11. One
    12. Rose’s Turn (Originally by Ethel Merman)
    13. Dream On (feat. Neil Patrick Harris) (Originally by Aerosmith)
    14. The Safety Dance (Originally by Men Without Hats)
    15. I Dreamed A Dream (feat. Idina Menzel) (Originally heard in Les Miserables)
    16. Loser (Originally by Beck)
    17. Give Up The Funk (Originally by Parliament)
    18. Beth (Originally by Kiss)
    19. Poker Face (feat. Idina Menzel) (Originally by Lady GaGa)
    20. Bad Romance (Originally by Lady GaGa)

    Hopefully, the third volume delivers. I have not been impressed by the cast’s cover of Hello Goodbye to be honest. It is good though to see Kristin Chenoweth back. Her vocals are mad, I tell you. The series has been consistently great in giving justice to the original in their covers. So far, no song has been massacred or butchered by the series. Hopefully, the trend continues in Volume 3.

    Release Date: May 18, 2010

    Kylie Minogue has announced on her website some details regarding her soon-to-be released single All The Lovers which will be included in her soon-to-be-released album entitled Aphrodite. The album artwork for the said upcoming album of Kylie looks absolutely stunning. To satisfy your visual curiosity, here is the album artwork in its full glory:
    Hopefully, the album will be totally amazing. Kylie Minogue is one heckuva artist. I assume she will deliver with this effort of hers. Stay tuned for more updates.

    Filipina songstress Charice Pempengco, more known mononymously as Charice, is all set to release her debut album on the 11th of May. After her making her mark in the music industry by appearing on the Ellen Degeneres Show and as well as on The Oprah Winfrey Show, she will hope to further increase her legion of fans known as ‘Chasters’ with her debut album which will have 12 tracks on the Standard Edition and 2 bonus tracks if pre-ordered in iTunes. The track listing of Charice’s self-titled debut album is as follows:

    Standard Edition:
    1. Pyramid
    2. Reset
    3. In This Song
    4. Nobody’s Singin’ To Me
    5. Thank You
    6. I Love You
    7. In Love So Deep
    8. All That I Need To Survive
    9. Nothing
    10. The Truth Is
    11. Did It For You
    12. Note To God

    Bonus Tracks (Available if the album is pre-ordered in iTunes):
    13. Breathe You Out
    14. Are We Over

    Comments: I think the album background is great. However, Charice’s hair annoyed me big time. The hair made Charice look like someone who had a really terrible hair day. As for her face? She looks like an antagonist seriously. What has gone wrong? I am not kidding. Charice looked more annoying than usual in my opinion with the shot used for the album art. The font used for the album artwork is pleasing to the senses though.