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Lady GaGa’s music video for her next single Alejandro is not yet out but after a long wait, a glimpse of the upcoming video has finally surfaced.

The clip is obviously short but man, the artistry is there yet again. The creativity seems to be flowing continuously yet again. Typical GaGa, what’s not to love?

Ne-Yo is returning anew with his first single off his soon-to-be-released fourth studio effort entitled  Libra Scale. The single’s name is Beautiful Monster and is set to premiere on MySpace on the 25th of May. The single will be available as a download on both iTunes and Amazon on June 1, 2010.

To have a preview of the song, go to this link: Beautiful Monster preview

As for the single sleeve, here it is in its great quality glory:

What are your thoughts about the upcoming single? Let me know by dropping a comment!

Australian rocker chick Orianthi is all set to re-release her album Believe with Believe (II). Her latest single, Shut Up & Kiss Me, will be included in the re-release alongside three other new tracks. If you want to know what I think about her latest single, click the link: Shut Up & Kiss Me review And while you are at it, you might want to read my review of Believe as well: Believe review

Also, the music video for Shut Up & Kiss Me has been released. The video can be seen below for your convenience.

The music video for Allison Goldfrapp’s newest single, Alive, is also out! The single will be released on the 7th of June. The video is simply marvelous. Watch the video to see for yourselves.

After being downright good in their debut effort, Jack The Lad Swing, more known mononymously as JLS, are back with a new single entitled The Club Is Alive. The single aims to continue the momentum built by the boyband thanks to their previous singles such as One Shot and Beat Again.

Is The Club Is Alive good though? To be honest, the single is pure shit. I apologize for the usage of profanity but the intro of the track is just pure crap. The auto-tuning makes the whole track unbearable. The track can be a classic example for pure hearing torture, I must say. The band tries everything it could possibly can to make the track pleasing but it all just falls apart. Production-wise, the track is unimpressive.

Still, seeing the band push the envelope a bit is great. Instead of going the safe route, the band tries to be ‘creative.’ Sad to say, their efforts massively failed. What eventually happens is a track loaded with crap. And is the club still alive after this miserable single? I guess not.

To be released in JLS’ upcoming sophomore effort

Rick Astley. These are two words that may be familiar for the casual internet surfer due to the success of the internet meme Rickroll. He has staged a comeback in the music industry with his new single entitled Lights Out which is due for a June 7 release. After captivating people’s senses with classics such as Never Gonna Give You UpTogether Forever, and Cry For Help, does Mr. Astley still have what it takes in creating wonderful music?

The answer is a resounding yes. Lights Out creates a seamless fusion of current and past music with an arrangement that sounds like it came from the 80s joining forces with Astley’s vocals. Astley’s vocals sound amazingly the same. The charm is still there after all those years. The single does not sound rubbish at all, if you ask me. Will Lights Out recreate all the massive success that Never Gonna Give You Up generated? I hope so. It is absolutely brilliant and rightfully deserves a place in the charts.

Release Date: June 7, 2010
Label: Polydor Records

I am actually disappointed with this newly released single sleeve. Does that even depict the spirit of being a commander? Seriously, Kelly Rowland, you could have done something better. Still, I love the single and if you want to check out my thoughts about it, here is the link: Commander review

One of my personal favorites from Alphabeat’s album The Spell (the album name in Denmark) or The Beat Is (the album name internationally) finally has a music video out. DJ (I Could Be Dancing) was re-recorded for the video and honestly, I think it was a great move. The single sounds much better than the original now though the original also was great in its own merit.

As for the video, I think it really was done superbly. It utilizes some 70′s vibe with the presence of all those disco balls, spinning records, and the like. My favorite scene would be the ‘glow in the dark scene’ where Stine had this neon green eye lashes. To satisfy your curiosity, here is the video in its full glory:

Robyn has released all the artwork related to her upcoming releases, her latest single Dancing On My Own and her upcoming album Body Talk Pt. 1.
As you all know, I really loved Dancing On My Own so much that I quickly thought that it is an early candidate for the Best Song of 2010. To see more of my thoughts regarding the song, click this link: Dancing On My Own review
Release Date: June 7, 2010
Lastly, here is the album sleeve for Body Talk Pt.1, the first of a three-part album series by the Swedish artist. A theme said to be prevalent in the album is ‘technology versus humanity.’ Hopefully, the album should not disappoint all of Robyn’s fans.
Release Date: June 14, 2010

The magic formula has worked yet again. With his patented Midas touch, David Guetta has again produced another smash dance hit. After hearing When Love Takes Over before, I honestly wondered if the said track could still be outdone. After all, the track showed that Kelly Rowland really can be in the zone if given the right material. However, once I have finished hearing the track, I was definitely convinced that Commander is absolutely better than When Love Takes Over.

The track may finally be the track that gives Miss Rowland the big break that she has been waiting for. She really has the mad vocals. Let Beyonce take the back seat for now and let Miss Rowland embrace the spotlight. What add a huge touch of sheer brilliance to the track are the hooks. The said hooks gush with richness that can match that of luscious chocolate. It is that tasty. I am absolutely delighted by this track. It is downright nasty and made me excited for Miss Rowland’s upcoming album.

Release Date: April 30, 2010
Label: Universal Motown

Here are some soon-to-be-released singles that should be getting some attention. Trust me, your money will not be wasted if you buy the following singles:
English singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding continues to show that she also has the beauty to back up her magnificent vocals. Seriously speaking, she really looks fantastic in the single sleeve for her soon-to-be released single Guns and Horses. The glitters are fantastic and I hope that her production team continues awesome single sleeves (that Starry Eyed single sleeve is a stunner).
Release Date: May 17, 2010
Danish pop group Alphabeat has unveiled their spanking single sleeve for DJ (I Could Be Dancing). I am excited for the release of the said track. It is one of the few tracks that I enjoyed from their album The Beat Is. You have got to admit though that the single sleeve really is eye candy and possesses a strong connection to the title.
Release Date: May 31, 2010 (UK)
Credits to Pop From The Block for sharing information regarding the single sleeve of DJ (I Could Be Dancing).