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Who would have thought that the band from Las Vegas, Nevada would be one of the music scene’s hottest acts today? With hits such as Mr. BrightsideSomebody Told MeWhen You Were YoungHuman and many others, The Killers has managed to be one of music’s most successful acts in recent memory. In this review, the spotlight will be on Hot Fuss, the album that facilitated the band’s path to success.

Hot Fuss starts with Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine that exhibits a very crafty bassline. The track starts the album on a high note and dictates the pace for the album tremendously. The intro which uses the sound of a helicopter is also sheer genius in my honest opinion.

Mr. Brightside, one of the album’s shining tracks, absolutely keeps the momentum going. The synthesizers add a touch of grandiosity to the track. Creativity is seen through the lyrics of the track as well. ‘Jealousy turning saints into the sea. Swimming through sick lullabies. Choking on your alibis. . . ‘ Truly amazing in my opinion.

Brandon Flowers channels his inner Bono through Smile Like You Mean It and does not fail at it. Again, the synthesizers provide a much appreciated appearance in the track. The chorus is very charming, to say the least.

Somebody Told Me also is another standout track in Hot Fuss. Sheer brilliance is seen throughout the song especially the chorus. ‘Somebody told me. You had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend that I had in February last year!‘ Simply amazing and pretty catchy at the same time.

All These Things That I’ve Done starts off with lots of promise but eventually fades away in the midway part of the song. ‘I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier!‘ proclaims Flowers. However, I can think of All These Things That I’ve Done as the soldier with no soul. The said track can be considered as one of Hot Fuss‘ weakest tracks.

If there would be one track that got this writer really bored, it would be Andy, You’re A Star. The track felt contrived and it reaches the point where one would simply want to skip it right away. It’s simply horrible.

After two weak tracks, On Top finally gets the album back on track. On Top would be the album’s hidden gem – the track that sounds great though it never got released as an official single.

Change Your Mind came off simply as a decent track. The guitar riffs sounded good though the track reminds me a lot of The Strokes.

The synth-dominated Believe Me Natalie reminds the writer of The Cure, one of the band’s musical influences. The track is definitely likable no doubt. The surprising inclusion of the horns is absolutely great too.

A track that can be possibly overlooked comes in Midnight Show. The upbeat track possesses some sick drums and the occasional sound of the synthesizer.

Everything Will Be Alright disappointed me big time. Instead of making me feel that everything’s indeed alright, the track made me feel the opposite. I consider the track as Hot Fuss’ worst one.

Closing out Hot Fuss is Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll, a track that I did not really like. During the time of Hot Fuss’ release, the track would have meant that the band still has the indie label attached to them though one can assume that they were really pushing hard to gain mainstream success. Simply ironic in my honest opinion. Does it really matter now? The answer would be a resounding no.

Hot Fuss can be described as an album that had lots of momentum going on in its first tracks. However, some tracks can be considered as filler and did not possess any killer instinct. Still, Hot Fuss introduced the awesome songs Mr. BrightsideSomebody Told MeJenny Was A Friend Of Mine, and Smile Like You Mean It. Potentially likable tracks are also present such as On TopBelieve Me Natalie and Midnight Show. The album did a fine job in introducing The Killers. Had the band released a material that was worse than Hot Fuss, I do not think that they would have been enjoying the amount of success that they are having at the present.

Recommended Tracks: Jenny Was A Friend Of MineMr. BrightsideSomebody Told Me, and Smile Like You Mean It
Genre: Alternative Rock
Released: June 7, 2004
Label: Island