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Song 2 by English band Blur certainly will be remembered by many people for its chorus led by the trademark ‘Woohoo’ that vocalist Damon Albarn screams with intensity and passion. It has been a known fact that Song 2 did give the band some mainstream success in the U.S. I do think this happened simply because the chorus carried the song in grand fashion. The ‘Woohoo’ adds a lot of catchiness into the track. The line made the chorus sound very bearable and very pleasant even if one tries to repeat the chorus endlessly.

The guitar riffs also were smooth. They helped in creating some momentum for the track. Albarn’s vocals are not at all annoying. In fact, the vocals sounded very awesome. In the end, the elements of the track, especially the chorus and the guitar riffs, all fell into the right place for the track. The chorus is definitely the track’s shining moment. Without a shadow of a doubt, Song 2 is a classic. Woohoo!

Genre: Rock
Date Released: April 7, 1997
Label: Food Records/Virgin Records


Drops of Jupiter might probably be the first thing that people will think of when it comes to hearing the band Train. The anthemic rock single released in 2001 actually won two Grammy Awards for ‘Best Rock Song’ and ‘Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocals.’

Well, what do I think about this classic track by Train? I actually think that the song simply had the ‘it’ factor during its time. The song shines out particularly because of the strings which were arranged by Paul Buckmaster who has done arrangements for The Rolling Stones.

Drops of Jupiter has this ability to induce the beloved ‘Last Song Syndrome’ (LSS) on the listener. The lyrics are actually metaphorical but they sound simple enough to entice the commoner into listening to the track. The imagery created by the lyrics then leads to the creative and heartfelt message which actually refers to a woman leaving her man to test if they really are meant for each other.

Eventually, what makes the song a winner are the string melodies. They sound so enchanting enough to charm the listener. Pat Monahan’s vocals are also special. He nails it superbly with this one and the accolades the song got is a testament to this. Drops of Jupiter truly deserves your attention. It’s a special record that shows why music is really an art.

Genre: Rock
Date Released: February 20, 2001
Label: Columbia Records

People of the present generation may know Rick Astley for being the man who got heavily featured in the YouTube phenomenon known as ‘RickRoll.’ In this YouTube meme, users are tricked into watching Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up music video. This time around though, it’s time to put in our two cents regarding this hit song by Astley.

Never Gonna Give You Up actually is a great song. The chorus may be very cheesy but it actually works out just fine. The Stock, Aitken, and Waterman-produced track certainly has lyrics which perfectly fits in the song. The lines ‘Never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down. Never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry. Never gonna say goodbye. Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you‘ are pure lyrical brilliance.

The techno beats included in the song are actually polished and add a flavor of dance into the track. This understandably made the track garner lots of success (it did become the best-selling single of 1987).

The arrangement used in the song is pretty decent. The bassline complements the ‘upbeat’ nature of the track in an okay fashion. The shining moments of the track would be Astley’s vocals and surprisingly, the lyrics. The lyrics, as I have mentioned earlier, perfectly fit the track. It’s like the words can be made into a literary masterpiece without much problems.

As for the music video of the song, I do think that Rick Astley’s actions in the song are repetitive but fun to watch. The bartender, played out by Clive Clarke, was actually great to watch though it does seem to be a little bit over-the-top.

If there would be any downside that I could think of for Never Gonna Give You Up, it would be the chorus was abused a lot. Still, this should not be a huge problem at all for the track is actually an enjoyable one – one that would make you dance or one that could make you sing its chorus in repeating fashion. All in all, the track is great and certainly deserved all the recognition it got during its time.

Genre: Pop
Date Released: August 1987
Label: RCA Records

Sheer brilliance. This is what I can say about this song by the Irish band which got released by 2002 as part of theirThe Best of 1990-2000 compilation album. Electrical Storm is actually a very enlightening rock ballad with Bono’s anthemic vocals present as well as The Edge’s beautiful chord work.

One will know quickly that the song is a masterpiece once the riff from The Edge’s guitar starts off the track. Once Bono comes in, the track really gets going. The very witty lyrics activate some vivid imagery in the listener’s mind. This imagery actually helps in understanding the subtleties that the song has.

Electrical Storm may be a far cry from the guitar-heavy tracks from U2. However, the song retains the distinct quality that only the Irish band could give. The chorus is absolutely tops, mind that. The arrangement of the song is clearly great too. William Orbit definitely did a phenomenal job in producing the song.

All in all, Electrical Storm – with its very great message – is one of U2′s tracks that should really be heard, even by the first-time listener to U2 material. Personally, I consider the track to be one of U2′s best though it did not get that much mainstream recognition. The Edge definitely shines in the track, I must say. This is why Electrical Storm can be considered as a very well-structured guitar masterpiece.

Electrical Storm, the well-structured guitar masterpiece, is a track that is absolutely recommended by yours truly. Simply stunning track in my honest opinion.

Genre: Rock
Date Released: October 21, 2002
Label: Island/Interscope

When I first heard of this song way back before during my grade school days, I really just could not resist singing along to the lines of this song by Chumbawamba. Such is the killer property that Tubthumping has. The song’s strongest suit would be its very irresistible chorus (I get knocked down. But I get up again! You’re never going to keep me down!) alongside two of the best lines that I have ever heard: the line with the alcoholic references which is “He drinks a whiskey drink. He drinks a vodka drink. He drinks a lager drink.“ and the line which features very smooth female vocals “Pissing the night away. Pissing the night away!

This song really just hits the spot. Tubthumping may have been included in Rolling Stone’s list of 20 Most Annoying Songs but I honestly think the song is one of the best that I have ever heard. The lyrics are absolutely smart – they can be memorized by the casual listener in a short matter of time. The musical arrangement is great as well. It is as if the song was really made as a sports chant albeit a chant that has gone the Pop route.

What made the song really successful (it appeared on the World Cup ’98 video game and on TV shows as well) are the facts that it just captures and lightens at the same time the human condition and its silliness in nature. Getting back up despite adversity, this song told and excelled at it. The beat was perfect for gatherings, I tell you. The song had it all.

All in all, I simply found Tubthumping to be too irresistible and charming all because of the chorus.

Genre: Rock
Date Released: August 11, 1997
Label: EMI