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I remain baffled when the matter about the lack of chart success that Mini Viva has is discussed. Their material has been consistently awesome with both I Left My Heart In Tokyo and I Wish gaining massive critical acclaim. Chart-wise though, only I Left My Heart In Tokyo has cracked the Top 10 by landing at #7 as its peak with I Wish faring very poorly by landing only at #72. To give the listening public more information, I am doing this review of the latest single by the UK duo that truly deserves more success.

Produced by the one and only Xenomania, the single is loaded with pure fun. The lyrics suggest some swagger coming from the duo with the line “I’m not afraid of no love, and I rock you anyway that I want” being the most notable. The synths, noticeable in every record by the lovely duo, are once again fantastic. The chorus nails it and puts the song over big time.

Make no mistake about this one. One Touch is a very fantastic and infectious record. This single only proves that Mini Viva does deserve more. This is a very awesome pop song that has not charted very successfully. Why has this happened? I am still baffled and yes, I want more candy.

Genre: Pop
Date Released: May 9, 2010
Label: Polydor Records


One of my favorite American Idol contestants teams up with Australian rocker Orianthi Panagaris for the rehashed version of Iraheta’s single Don’t Waste The PrettyDon’t Waste The Pretty is Allison’s third single after Friday I’ll Be Over U and Scars. Nothing much changes in the new version except for some added guitar riffs and vocals from Orianthi herself. Aside from that, the song remains untouched. Honestly though, I prefer the original over this rehashed version but to each is to his own. Still, this is a good offering from Miss Iraheta that should not be disregarded.

Release Date: June 8, 2010 (iTunes)/June 22, 2010 (Radio Airplay)
Label: Jive Records

Let me get this down quickly. The official single remix for David Guetta’s Gettin’ Over You is miles ahead compared to the album version. The tempo is faster and the presence of Fergie absolutely did wonders. Even LMFAO’s presence increases the appeal that the track has. To make things even nicer, Chris Willis’ vocals do fit now. It does not sound forced and they do mesh well with the vocals of the other collaborators.

The official single remix now has that killer appeal that the album version did not have. The presence of Fergie and LMFAO freshened the single in massive levels. Fergie’s power vocals are the bomb and even the repetitiveness of LMFAO’s lines is great. Overall, a remix that easily outclasses the original thus deeming the original very forgettable and should be included in someone’s party-oriented playlists.

Genre: House
Date Released: May 30, 2010 (U.K)/April 27, 2010(U.S)
Label: Virgin Records

The single originally meant to be sung by Cheryl Cole (now known as Cheryl Tweedy after she  dropped the Cole surname according to reports) for her 3 Words album has been making some intense waves in the U.S charts as it has reigned the Billboard Hot 100 for one time and is currently sitting on the charts for 13 weeks now. The original U.K release is something that I really loved for its infectiousness. The U.S release, which now has rapper Ludacris as a collaborator, aims to duplicate the brilliance that its UK predecessor had. Was it successful though? Let me put my thoughts about it then.

Cruz’ auto-tuned vocals perfectly fit the song. At times, auto-tuning makes the quality of the song even worse but in this case, it all contributes to the brilliance that the song proudly possesses. The slick production values for the song absolutely turned the track into a stunning club banger though it does feel a bit generic in some aspects. Ludacris’ appearance is something the U.S audience would like but it was a little bit unnecessary.

What we get overall is an impressive product coming from Taio Cruz. The U.S version is indeed successful in duplicating the brilliance its U.K counterpart had. The cheese flows in the track but who cares? Break Your Heart is infectious, catchy, and very chart-friendly. What’s not to love?

Genre: Pop
Date Released: September 13, 2009 (U.K)/February 25, 2010 (U.S)
Label: Island Records/Mercury Records

The New York-based group Scissor Sisters have unveiled the first single for their upcoming third studio album named Night Work. The single is entitled Fire With Fire and what we have loved from the band (exceptional quality in their material, that is) is still present in this latest release.

The single starts out with a slow dramatic piano background which suddenly builds up into a bouncy danceable track with the infusion of the synths in the chorus. This is simply another taste of pop excellence. Fire With Fire literally can be scorching track with all of these elements present. It is a disco anthem that many people will love (expect people from the U.S of course). I am left wondering why the band’s home country does not appreciate the awesome talent that this band has. The band’s musicality easily outclasses the generic trash that is currently in their charts. I am freaking serious with that assessment. Hopefully, Fire With Fire will be the hit that finally wakes up the people of the band’s home country.

Genre: Pop
Label: Universal Records (US)/Polydor Records (UK)

She may be known to some as Ingrid Michaelson’s lead guitarist but Allie Moss does possess some mad vocals just like the aforementioned singer-songwriter. She has already released one EP named Passerby which includes the single which might have made her known in the UK, Corner. Recently, her single, Melancholy Astronautic Man, was part of the iTunes Indie Sampler and after hearing the said single, I was impressed.

If there is something that this single proved about Allie Moss, it would be that Allie Moss has the talent needed to make herself known in the crowded field of singer-songwriters present in the airwaves today. The single sounds very pleasing to the ears. It is nothing fancy but the simplicity itself is its crowning jewel. Allie Moss’ vocals are smooth and are perfect for bright and sunny days.

Ultimately, Melancholy Astronautic Man showcases the impressive musicality that Allie Moss has. The vocals are rich. As for the songwriting, it can be said as superb. Is she accessible? The answer is a resounding yes. Here is me hoping that she continues churning out singles such as this. The masses might realize soon that not listening to this talented musician is a mistake that they should not have done.

Genre: Pop
Date Released: January 11, 2010

Newly-crowned American Idol Lee Dewyze has released his ‘coronation song’ Beautiful Day. Yes, you saw it right. The ‘coronation song’ for the recently concluded season of American Idol is a cover of a U2 song. Sure, the show has contestants perform their respective renditions of songs from established acts but couldn’t the show produce a song for the winner? Anyway, so much about that and let us just move on about my thoughts regarding the new Idol’s first release since being crowned as the winner.

With covers, it is inevitable that the artist gets compared to the original performer of the material.  Lee surely ain’t Bono but he holds his own in this effort. The arrangement is something that I have been raving about constantly. The violins are perfectly placed and everything else is well done. Lee’s vocals are really great. The problem I have with him is that he sounds so superb in his studio recordings that when compared to his live performances, you can see he has some troubles. His live performances are pitchy to say the least.

I may not have rooted for Lee in the finale (I was originally a Siobhan fan but she got eliminated way too early for my liking so I ended up going for Bowersox) but Beautiful Day is definitely a grower. People who rooted for Bowersox in the finale may not like this at first listen but the charm simply grows eventually. The studio recording sounds so much better than his live performance, without a doubt. He better improve his live performances in order for him to be a more credible performer. I sincerely wish Lee Dewyze the best. Congratulations again!

Genre: Pop
Date Released: May 26, 2010 (iTunes US)

Upbeat pop goodness has been quite the norm for this year and the latest to join the trend is New Zealand-born Natasha Bedingfield. Expect a surprise once the electronic touches kick in. The sound is altogether different from her previous singles such as UnwrittenThese Words, and Pocketful of Sunshine but mind you, the risk was really worth it.

The verses are nothing outstanding, to be honest but once the chorus introduces itself, sheer brilliance starts flowing. The outstanding power vocals by Natasha Bedingfield just knock the roof off with that chorus. The verses may not be that great in terms of lyrical brilliance but the vocals save the track from being mediocre.

Touch, ultimately, introduces us to the new direction that Natasha Bedingfield has chosen. Is the change in direction good though? That is still relatively unknown, for now. It must be known though that Touch is a great track loaded with the trademark power vocals that we all used to hear from Natasha Bedingfield.

Date Released: May 18, 2010
Label: Sony Music

After successfully gaining some massive mainstream exposure with their appearance in the soundtracks of both films related to that vampire series authored by Stephenie Meyer, the English rockers are back at it again this time with Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever), the lead single for the Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack.

Compared to the band’s previous material, the new single does not even come close in terms of quality. The cheese flows excessively in the track which only dampens the quality that it has. The title sounds really awesome. Seriously, is there any other band who could come up with such song titles? Maybe Radiohead can but that is another story in itself.

The single starts off slow but as it goes along, it turns into something anthemic. However, such dramatic shift in sound just could not save the track from being mediocre. The guitar bridge is something admirable though. Despite the guitar bridge, the track does not possess that killer instinct which could have turned its fortunes around. Will this new effort match the success of the band’s past material? I do not think so. Let me ask this though: Why does the band keep on signing up to be a part of a soundtrack of a movie adaptation of some crappy literature?

Genre: Rock
Date Released: May 17, 2010
Label: Warner Music Group

I totally regret not giving any chance to listen to Erik Hassle’s material. The Swedish singer’s single, Hurtful, is iTunes Free Single of the Week for this week. After listening to the said single, I felt I deprived myself from some very outstanding music. The vocals are clean-cut with nothing fancy in them but they still sound spectacular nevertheless.

The drum-rich arrangement enhances the overall feel of the track. Still, one must not totally forget that it is the vocals who should get the spotlight in this track. As I have said earlier, they are clean-cut. Also, the vocals are outstandingly rich and do not show any signs of imperfection whatsoever.

When all these excellent facets are rolled together, what we get is something magnificent. I am left wondering why most people still do not dig the musicality that this guy has. You are missing a chance to know more about all the spectacular talent that Mr. Hassle has if you have not listened to this track. It is downright magical and simply put, it will not put any ‘hurtful’ circumstances into your senses.

Genre: Pop
Date Released: February 2, 2010 (UK)
Label: Universal Republic