The Contact Details

The author can be contacted through the following methods:

For email purposes, my email is

Meanwhile, as for my Twitter account, my Twitter username is YourEvilMind.

Comments and suggestions are welcomed by the author so keep them coming.

The author also welcomes artist submissions or promotions, album review requests, and as well as single review requests. However, it must be known that all submissions are not accepted due to some time conflicts. The author makes sure though to take a look at all requests sent to him.

If you want to send some submissions, it would be of huge help if there are photos, biographies, press releases, and a copy of the material included in the e-mail. If I like what I hear, I will notify you immediately.

If you would like to send physical albums or singles via postage, please do indicate in your e-mails because I would not want my address to be seen by people globally. Please do take note too that I live in the Philippines so the package may take a while before it reaches my hands. Still, I do welcome all your submissions so keep them coming!


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