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One of my favorite American Idol contestants teams up with Australian rocker Orianthi Panagaris for the rehashed version of Iraheta’s single Don’t Waste The PrettyDon’t Waste The Pretty is Allison’s third single after Friday I’ll Be Over U and Scars. Nothing much changes in the new version except for some added guitar riffs and vocals from Orianthi herself. Aside from that, the song remains untouched. Honestly though, I prefer the original over this rehashed version but to each is to his own. Still, this is a good offering from Miss Iraheta that should not be disregarded.

Release Date: June 8, 2010 (iTunes)/June 22, 2010 (Radio Airplay)
Label: Jive Records


After a very fruitful American Idol stint (she finished as the season’s third-runner up), Allison Iraheta has finally released her debut album. The red-haired songstress from Los Angeles, California certainly gave her all in her debut album. The 13-track-long album absolutely sounds great. The album underwent through the mercy of 11 different producers. How did the album fare? Let us now get the ball rolling to know the answer.

Kicking things off is Friday I’ll Be Over U, the first released single from the album. Friday I’ll Be Over U utilizes Allison’s voice to perfection. The usage of Allison’s throaty voice in the introduction is simply awesome. Max Martin did a fantastic job on this one, no doubt.

Robot Love keeps the momentum built from Friday I’ll Be Over U going. Screaming ‘Technology sucks‘ with intensity that I have not seen in her Idol stint, Allison definitely shines in the track. That ‘Ooh na na‘ line is terrific and can successfully induce the LSS into the listener.

The title track, Just Like You, lets one hear Allison do a ballad. The track does not necessarily stand out in my honest opinion. However, I still appreciate the effort from Allison in this one.

After losing the momentum with Just Like YouDon’t Waste The Pretty stabilizes the album anew. The song about empowerment definitely stands out in the album. The chorus is pretty catchy and I have got to laud the backing vocals in the song. The backing vocals were fantastic in my opinion.

Another ballad comes in the form of Scars. Allison definitely proves that she is very versatile when it comes to her craft in the song. Not only can she rock it out but also she has the ability to sound brilliant when doing a toned down track. Simply amazing.

A forgettable track finally comes in Pieces. As Allison says in the track, ‘I’d rather crash and burn.‘ The track absolutely crashes and burns for being one of the album’s poor tracks.

A very creative usage of the alphabets is done in the next track. D Is For Dangerous can be considered as the album’s hidden gem. The track sounds very upbeat which I really appreciated.

A cover appears in the album as well. Out of all people, Dilana, the finalist of Rock Star: Supernova, has a song covered by Allison. The song is Holiday which definitely brings out the Allison that I really loved in her Idol stint. The girl is simply amazing in my opinion.

Still Breathing can also be considered as one of the album’s hidden gems. A song filled with much emotion, Still Breathing arguably stands out because one can simply connect to what the song has to say.

Trouble Is has this classical arrangement going on which I totally like. Allison’s versatility shines yet again in the song. Allison simply can be a star if she does things right and hopefully, she does not get into “trouble” in her career.

Pink and American Idol judge Kara Dioguardi teamed up to write No One Else. The track is absolutely the most emotional in the record. I did not like the song that much though. The track got me losing a little bit amount of interest. Still, I liked the way Allison belted out those notes.

A pretty upbeat and danceable track comes in Beat Me Up. The lyrics may be a bit on the crappy side of things but I have got to admit that the song is definitely great. The catchy beats got me hooked to this song absolutely.

Allison shows off her songwriting skills in the album closer named You Don’t Know Me. You Don’t Know Me closes the album on a high. The track got me wanting to hear more from Allison. This track definitely did its job. Fantastic!

I can say that Just Like You surely introduced Ms. Iraheta to the music community on a great note. Even though the album underwent through the mercy of 11 different producers, you can never tell that there was any moment of discord in the album. The tracks were mixed together well like there was this certain chemistry in them. Sure, there were tracks that I did not like that much (Pieces and Just Like You) but I have got to say that the record really sounded terrific. Honestly, I liked Iraheta’s album more than Adam’s. The record is more enjoyable and I am now fully convinced that Allison should have placed at least as the 2nd runner up in her Idol stint.

Genre: Pop
Date Released: December 1, 2009
Label: 19/Jive Records

This post will now show the second part of my ongoing Year-End Countdown. Again, songs ranked from #75-41 are NOT RANKED ACCORDINGLY. So if you saw One Time by Justin Bieber ranked higher than Party In The U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus, do not cry blasphemy. Also, comments would be very appreciated. The banner image was made by my friend Katrina. Thanks again Katrina!
#60 Celebration – Madonna
From: Celebration
Madonna begins the Part 2 of the countdown with Celebration, one of only two (or three if the bonus track is to be considered) new tracks of her third greatest hits album which is also named CelebrationCelebration lets one see Madonna return to her dance roots. The only downside of the song is that the verses are actually bland. However, this should not stop one from enjoying the single.
#59 The Fire – Imogen Heap
From: Ellipse
Imogen Heap’s instrumental, The Fire, makes it into the countdown. The Fire is simply great. Every element just falls into place for this song. The way the song was played by Imogen Heap is sheer genius. I rarely like instrumentals but this one left me amazed. Imogen Heap’s artistry truly shines and this material from her just shows why.
#58 Delusional – Simon Curtis
I only knew Simon Curtis thanks to Ken from The Beat Review. Delusional is one awesome pop record possessing a sick beat and what makes it good is that it is also relevant and fresh. I do not agree that Simon Curtis is the male Lady GaGa. He still has a long way to go from making that happen in my honest opinion. Still, Delusional is a must-have for any music lover out there.
#57 Crying Lightning – Arctic Monkeys
From: Humbug
The Arctic Monkeys never cease to impress. Their material is simply like no other. Crying Lightning really impressed me. The sound of this song is terrific. This song only proved that bands from Europe tend to produce a more awesome sound than their American counterparts.
#56 Never Say Never – The Fray
From: The Fray
Never Say Never is one of the best singles out of the band from Denver’s latest self-titled album. Isaac Slade’s vocals are really brilliant in this song. The distinct piano sound that only The Fray can give is also present. Never Say Never also got featured in the filmTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen‘s soundtrack. Sheer genius.
#55 Get On Your Boots – U2
From: No Line On The Horizon
As an avid U2 fan, I was left a little bit disappointed after listening to the Irish band’s latest outing. I have got to admit though that Get On Your Boots got me hooked. The Edge’s chord work again does wonders. Of course, Bono would not be outdone as he show that he still can do it.
#54 Friday I’ll Be Over U – Allison Iraheta
From: Just Like You
Allison Iraheta’s first single after her Idol career is uh-may-zing. The girl can certainly rock it out and this song shows why. Songs like this from Allison are the reason why I rooted for her in the previous Idol season. Ms. Iraheta’s got a bright future ahead of her. I just hope she sustains all the momentum  that she could get out of her first album.
#53 Before The Worst – The Script
From: The Script
Though not really as impressive as The Man Who Can’t Be MovedBefore The Worstmanages to retain that quality which only the Irish band can give. Listening to Danny O’Donoghue’s rapping absolutely made the song a keeper in my opinion. The song is definitely worth listening.
#52 Forever Is Over – The Saturdays
From: Wordshaker
The Saturdays’ attempt at recording a rock song paid off. However, as I have said before,Forever Is Over is not the best track from The Saturdays’ latest offering (their sophomore effort which is Wordshaker). The song is simply good but not outstanding. There is a clear difference between the two.
#51 Gravity – Sara Bareilles
From: Little Voice
Sara Bareilles is definitely one of the best artists I have ever heard. Period. Alongside the Grammy-nominated Love Song and the equally awesome One Sweet LoveGravity is one of my personal favorites in Bareilles’ Little Voice album. A song filled with intense emotion and class definitely deserves to be in my countdown, no doubt.

Friday I’ll Be Over U is the debut single of American Idol alumnus Allison Iraheta. As most people know, Allison Iraheta was the fourth placer of the eighth season(Which was won by Kris Allen by the way) of the famous show American Idol produced by Simon Fuller. After the conclusion of Idol’s eighth season, Iraheta was signed to a record deal by 19 Entertainment and Jive Records. Her debut single, hopefully, will be the first of many singles to come from Iraheta.

Opening the single is Iraheta’ throaty voice saying “Oh yeah!” accompanied by an edgy guitar riff. This greatly sets the tone for the rest of the song which can be described as a song filled with enough charm amidst all the rock contained in it.

The song is not filled by guitars mind that. There is a surprising inclusion of the synthesizer which only adds a layer of creativity to the song. The inclusion of the synthesizer helped in establishing a danceable beat to the song. Such beat absolutely paved way to this writer’s enjoyment of the song.

One may remember that Kara Dioguardi, one of the judges of American Idol, saying that she wants to do a record with Iraheta. This song somehow explained why Diogardi said such. Iraheta’s voice is really versatile and shows some certain levels of vulnerability. One may link Iraheta’s voice to that of Pink or another Idol-produced talent, Kelly Clarkson. Iraheta’s voice was greatly used in the song. The song clearly showed Iraheta’s powerful voice which has been the reason for her great long stay in the eighth season of Idol. Kudos to Max Martin for doing a great job in producing Iraheta’s debut single. Martin did not take any risks with Iraheta. He simply used whatever was there and did a masterful job.

The single was clearly great in the eyes of this writer. Iraheta convincingly established the roots of what could be a very promising career. Another plus for Iraheta is that she worked with original material for her first single. This avoided the possibility of Iraheta being compared to other artists’ works had she done a cover. The song, filled with enough edge and pop goodness, boldly proclaimed that Allison Iraheta has definitely arrived.

Genre: Pop
Date Released: November 3, 2009
Label: Jive Records