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The newest recipient of the Album Art of The Week is the album artwork for Cheryl Cole’s 3 Words, her debut effort as a solo artist. Why did I select this one? The reason may be a little bit weird but I did put this one as this week’s Album Art of The Week simply because of the ‘beauty’ that Cheryl Cole shows. Plain and simple. She really is one gorgeous woman who some consider as a ‘goddess.’ I may not have really liked the album but the album art is really something great.
Disclaimer: This post comes from someone who totally respects Cheryl Cole as an artist. The author also respects Ashley Cole’s work ethic as a football player though he does not like the Chelsea squad. However, the author tries to be objective as much as possible in this post to avoid any biases. Comments are much appreciated.

2010 certainly has been a tough year for the Newcastle lass, Cheryl Cole. After facing some tough criticism with her debut solo effort, Cheryl Cole meets another obstacle: Ashley Cole cheating on their marriage. Saying enough is enough, Cheryl decided to separate ties with Ashley Cole. We have posted our thoughts on how it will affect Ashley’s career as a soccer star but how about Cheryl’s career?

It has been understood that Cheryl Cole started her solo career in U.K because of her love for Ashley. With Ashley now out of the picture, we can see some things, both good and bad, going for Cheryl. Let me enumerate them in the following paragraphs.

One, she can now spread her career into the U.S. shores. This means more exposure for Cheryl Cole. Her material might be appreciated big time by the U.S market. After all, Cheryl did achieve some massive success with Girls Aloud. That proves that she can do some good, if not great, pop material that will surely get people respecting Cheryl’s talent out of pure amazement.

Two, her already not-private life gets more publicized. Every move that Cheryl does will now be closely monitored by the ever-loving eyes of the paparazzi. What’s positive with this is that Cheryl is portrayed as the victim in this mess and rightly so. She gets to earn more sympathy from the public with this situation. Cheryl has to manufacture more support for her by transforming this sympathy into ‘true support’ by doing great music. It is pretty doable and knowing how tough-minded this lass has been, I hope she can do in achieving such.

Three, without any distractions that could only cause some unwanted stress, Cheryl is basically a free woman now. She can pretty much do anything that she wants. Probably, a relaxed Cheryl will do wonders for her personality and career.

However, it must be known that only time can tell whether this situation makes her better or not.

Four, if this situation can be looked as a distraction, many might ask how Cheryl will overcome this. As I have said, this Newcastle lass is a tough-minded one. Still, whenever Cheryl makes a public appearance, this mess will always be the topic. I guess it’s all about making adjustments on Cheryl’s part.

What am I pointing out in this entry?

In the end, Cheryl ends up as a huge winner in this mess. It’s clearly Ashley’s loss. Why cheat on a goddess like Cheryl? If I was put into Ashley’s shoes, I would make sure that Cheryl gets great treatment. Seriously, Cheryl is one of the most beautiful women in this world. Treating her badly does not give any justice whatsoever. Career-wise, Cheryl can pretty much use this situation to start her U.S career. Simon Cowell helped in making Leona Lewis a star in both the U.K and the U.S. I can’t see why this won’t happen to someone like Cheryl. However, I do want the couple to patch up their differences and reconcile. If ever they do reconcile, Ashley should clean up his act and treat Cheryl with the respect that she rightfully deserves.

DISCLAIMER: The author of this entry is an Arsenal fan, and therefore, has grudges against the topic of the entry, Ashley Cole. But in order to keep the peace and order in this blog, the author is trying his best in avoiding biases against “Cashley”, and in keeping the curses and profanities contained in his pocket.

Things could not be worse for Mr. Cole. He injured his ankle, making his chances of going to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup very slim, considering that Don Fabio Capello, the current manager of England, only wants 100% fit players on the plane. Then he got punished by his current football club, Chelsea F.C., because he disregarded the club rules by bringing women inside the team hotel before a match. That cost him around £200,000. Then his wife, England’s very own Cheryl Cole, apparently split-up with him (I can feel a divorce coming). This all happened in a space of one month or even less, if my memory serves me right.

What impact can it have for Ashley?

First, and most obvious, is that his reputation (which is already in a negative state, trust me. Ask the fans who aren’t singing “Chelsea, Chelsea” week in, week out, and those who’re chanting “England, England” every time the Three Lions have a match) would be tarnished further, turning him from a “bad boy” to a “naughty, naughty boy”. We all know that a football player’s reputation is built inside the pitch, and can be broken inside the pitch as well (which Ashley has already done. See England vs. Kazakhstan) but as a public image around the world, their private life can, and certainly will, be thoroughly watched by the press. Also, the other players who respect him a lot (I’m doubting there are any though) would.. Well, probably disrespect him now, or at least see their respect in him plunge down, outside of the football field of course.

Second, his private life will not be so private now, or until he learns his lesson. Ashley already had allegations of having extramarital relationships with other women even before this incident happened, it almost led to what’s happening right now, but Cheryl gave him a second chance. But instead of making a turn for the better, it seems like he continued down the path of the devil by allegedly having relationships with 5 other women. This, of course, led to Cheryl feeling disrespected as a wife. For Ashley, it’s going to get a little tougher because his club would probably tighten up security so that he won’t be bringing in women on team hotels, and I can see the paparazzi waiting outside his house, waiting for another woman to be brought inside his mansion.

Lastly, and probably the least that would affect Mr. Cole, would be his stride on the football field. Unlike his club and ex-country captain John Terry, Ashley was lucky enough to be injured (for quite some time too) when reports of him having other women broke out. Unlike Terry, who is definitely affected by his own controversy (which I will not explain anymore, Google it) inside the pitch, Ashley is injured. The bad thing is, he probably can’t concentrate on rehabilitation until this thing is over.

In the end, it’s a lose-lose situation for Cashley. If Cheryl officially splits with him, he’s going to lose one of Britain’s gems, and he’s probably going to be booed by England’s supporters until he wins them back by performing consistently (a thing that he just can’t seem to do on the international level). If Cheryl does give him a third chance, people will see this just like his second chance, where he’d probably be a good boy for a couple of years before going for other women again.

Jio’s Note: This entry was made by Jeff. You may remember seeing his name with the Valentine’s Playlists that I posted before.The post regarding Cheryl’s side will be made by yours truly. Please do comment in the entries!

Sports aficionados may know Cheryl Cole for being married to Chelsea left back Ashley Cole. However, music people may regard her as a judge in the show X-Factor and as a member of the very respected girl group Girls Aloud. What’s lacking in her resume is a solo career. With 3 Words however, her resume can now have the words ‘solo artist’ included.

With the help of Black Eyed Peas member as executive producer, Cole’s debut album as a solo performer has this R&B feel in it. The effort is greatly appreciated but most of the tracks fall flat big time.

Opening Cole’s debut EP is the title track 3 Words, one of many collaborations with The infusion of the guitar makes the track good. Yes it is good but why not great? The bassline for the track surely is lovely but somewhere in the track, Cheryl Cole’s vocals suddenly make a free fall. It reaches the point where one knows it had the makings for a great track but a tiny mishap causes it to be just good.

Following the title track is the impressive Parachute. Written by Ingrid Michaelson, the track sports a marching band style of beat that gets strongly complemented by very great lyrics. The line ‘I don’t need a parachute baby if I got you‘ definitely shows some lyrical brilliance and allows Cole to show her soulful yet sweet side.

Another collaboration comes in Heaven. Lyrically, the song sounds like trash. Cheryl Cole can sing R&B material but please do not give her awful material like this. However, the last of the collaborations, Boy Like You, comes off as the best among all the tracks though this does not save such tracks from mediocrity.

The fourth track, Fight For This Love, is another spectacular song included in Cole’s debut effort. The lovely charm created by the synths make the song a definite winner. Meanwhile, Rain On Me shows off Cole’s impressive vocal range.

As for the other material included in the album, Stand Up stands out. Written by Taio Cruz, the song grows on the listener largely due to the violen-infused background. The rest of the tracks end up as uninspired and could be described as terrible.

What’s great about 3 Words is that it gave Cheryl Cole the opportunity to show off her musicality in a solo perspective. The album allowed Cole to come out of her shell. ParachuteFight For This LoveRain On Me, and Stand Up do shine more than the other tracks in the debut album. Sadly, the album just ends up as a mediocre compilation of material. Only three tracks are impressive in the album. Make that four (the fourth likable track being Stand Up) if asked regarding the highest number possible for likable tracks. The collaborations are simply terrible and did more harm than good in Cole’s debut effort. Here’s me hoping that Cole improves her craft big time on her album, if there would be any.

Recommended Tracks: ParachuteFight For This Love, and Rain On Me
Genre: Pop
Label: Fascination Records
Date Released: October 26, 2009