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Let me get this down quickly. The official single remix for David Guetta’s Gettin’ Over You is miles ahead compared to the album version. The tempo is faster and the presence of Fergie absolutely did wonders. Even LMFAO’s presence increases the appeal that the track has. To make things even nicer, Chris Willis’ vocals do fit now. It does not sound forced and they do mesh well with the vocals of the other collaborators.

The official single remix now has that killer appeal that the album version did not have. The presence of Fergie and LMFAO freshened the single in massive levels. Fergie’s power vocals are the bomb and even the repetitiveness of LMFAO’s lines is great. Overall, a remix that easily outclasses the original thus deeming the original very forgettable and should be included in someone’s party-oriented playlists.

Genre: House
Date Released: May 30, 2010 (U.K)/April 27, 2010(U.S)
Label: Virgin Records


David Guetta basically has turned himself into the modern day Timbaland: He is now a hot commodity among mainstream club music lovers – frequently appearing on the playlists of almost everyone. With his fourth album One Love, he hopes to further cement his status as a top DJ.

The album consists lots of collaborations – some spectacular and some which could be said as utter garbage. I am reviewing the Standard U.S version which consists of 13 tracks that aim to fill up the void of quality dance tracks in today’s music industry.

Kicking things off is the very impressive When Love Takes Over which features Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child fame. The single is absolutely brilliant with the subtle touch of European dance elements included. Following closely isGettin’ Over You which has Chris Willis doing the vocal duties. It is nothing outstanding and actually falls short when compared to its latest remix which has Fergie and LMFAO as its collaborators.

The second single released Sexy Bitch is one of the album’s impressive home run hitters. For once, Akon does not irritate the auditory capabilities of listener. Memories starts with some hints of pianos and ends up as something magnificent with the bassline doing a fantastic job in enticing the senses. Cudi’s vocals are great albeit the weird chorus. The track is something one could listen to from time and time again. The appeal just will not wear off for reasons unknown.

Miss Rowland appears for the second time with It’s The Way You Love Me. With When Love Takes Over setting the bar so high, It’s The Way You Love Me could not simply match or outdo the quality that When Love Takes Over had. All of a sudden, the quality of the album falls apart and disintegrates. It all starts with Choose, which has Rowland as its collaborator yet again alongside Ne-Yo. Vocally, Rowland and Ne-Yo are fine but the overall product is loaded with blemishes. lends his hand alongside fellow Black Eyed Peas member in On The Dancefloor. The bassline is pure magic in here and with a lovely synth sound to boot, what’s not to love in this track? I actually liked the remix of the Black Eyed Peas’ smash single (albeit overplayed) I Gotta Feeling. It somehow made the track bearable yet again after those massive number of plays it received.

Estelle comes up with the best track of the horrid second half in the form of One Love. The pace shifts dramatically and turns the track into something very lovely. The said track saves the horrid second half from total mediocrity. Sound of Letting Go is pure garbage though the synths do a fine job. I Wanna Go Crazy lets one hear act like a total psycho. The album closer If We Ever tries its best to end the album on a high note but the vibe is absolutely loaded with crap. Nice effort though.

One Love ends up as an effort with a spectacular first half and a horrible second half. The second half prevents the album from being totally fantastic. More production time could have been given to the second half. The quality of the second half is downright disappointing. However, it must not be forgotten that the album also has very impressive tracks. Overall, an enjoyable effort albeit the crappy second half.

Best Track: Memories
Other Recommended Tracks: When Love Takes OverSexy BitchI Gotta FeelingOn The Dancefloor, and One Love
Genre: House
Date Released: August 21, 2009
Label: Virgin Records

I am actually disappointed with this newly released single sleeve. Does that even depict the spirit of being a commander? Seriously, Kelly Rowland, you could have done something better. Still, I love the single and if you want to check out my thoughts about it, here is the link: Commander review

The magic formula has worked yet again. With his patented Midas touch, David Guetta has again produced another smash dance hit. After hearing When Love Takes Over before, I honestly wondered if the said track could still be outdone. After all, the track showed that Kelly Rowland really can be in the zone if given the right material. However, once I have finished hearing the track, I was definitely convinced that Commander is absolutely better than When Love Takes Over.

The track may finally be the track that gives Miss Rowland the big break that she has been waiting for. She really has the mad vocals. Let Beyonce take the back seat for now and let Miss Rowland embrace the spotlight. What add a huge touch of sheer brilliance to the track are the hooks. The said hooks gush with richness that can match that of luscious chocolate. It is that tasty. I am absolutely delighted by this track. It is downright nasty and made me excited for Miss Rowland’s upcoming album.

Release Date: April 30, 2010
Label: Universal Motown

As the year 2009 ends, we are now getting closer into knowing the Top 10 songs of this countdown. The songs starting from Part IV are now RANKED ACCORDINGLY. Comments will really be appreciated and yes, any violent reaction can be posted to. After all, we live in a democratic country.
#30 Please Don’t Stop The Rain – James Morrison
From: Songs For You, Truths For Me
James Morrison’s stock is definitely on the rise. If he continues to do material like Please Don’t Stop The Rain and the equally-awesome Broken Strings, his path to more success just got brighter. His material are easy to relate with and that makes him special. Kudos to you James Morrison!
#29 Love Etc. – Pet Shop Boys
From: Yes
When I heard  this song one time while watching The Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, I was wondering who were those guys performing. It turned out that those guys were actually the Pet Shop Boys. I was pretty surprised about this development. After all, the Pet Shop Boys have been playing since 1981. Anyway, I think Love Etc. actually sounds like a very great electropop record. The present generation will surely appreciate this single from the Pet Shop Boys
#28 Good Girls Go Bad – Cobra Starship feat. Leighton Meester
From: Hot Mess
Disregarding the senseless lyrics, Good Girls Go Bad still remains one of the songs that I really loved this year. If there’s one thing I learned through this song, then that would be Leighton Meester can actually sing. Good Girls Go Bad possesses a very catchy and the repetition of the line “I’ll make them good girls go bad!” by Gabe Saporta is brilliant.
#27 Untouched – The Veronicas
From: Hook Me Up
I first heard of The Veronicas through MTV’s Total Request Live. The song played back then was When It All Falls Apart. I was in awe after hearing the song. One time, I saw that their video for Untouched was available for free on iTunes. Watching the video made me appreciate the talent of The Veronicas. Untouched is absolutely catchy and yes, when you listen closely to the song, you’ll really appreciate how the voice of The Veronicas blend. They are that awesome.
#26 Sexy Bitch – David Guetta feat. Akon
From: One Love
David Guetta has finally gained some mainstream exposure with his album One Love. And in One Love, this track, Sexy Bitch, definitely surprised me. I do not quickly appreciate any track that has an Akon appearance for reasons unknown. However, this track quickly got my attention and in time, I loved it. The lyrics may be very senseless but one line is pure gold and that would be I’m trying to find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful. Pure gold, as I have said.
#25 Down – Jay Sean feat. Lil’ Wayne
From: All or Nothing
When I found out that some song named Down officially broke the record run of I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas, I was really happy. Afterwards, I quickly listened to it and felt great. As a bonus, I also recommend its Candle Light Remix. Just listen to it and I assure you, you’ll love the song more. In closing, as I have said before, Down is a great party song. Hopefully, the song has chartered Jay Sean’s path to success.
#24 Automatic – Tokio Hotel
From: Humanoid
Automatic was not the first song that I’ve heard from the German band. It was actuallyMonsoon which I absolutely loved. After seeing Automatic‘s music video, I knew that the song may be too mainstream-friendly and sure enough, the single has garnered the band enough attention. Still, Automatic is one of the band’s great singles out there but for me, nothing beatsMonsoon.
#23 All The Right Moves – OneRepublic
From: Waking Up
OneRepublic came back roaring this year with All The Right MovesAll The Right Movessounded really different from previous material that came out of Ryan Tedder’s band. All The Right Moves indeed was fresh and a highly-energized OneRepublic track that I really loved. It may not sound like the classic OneRepublic material such as Apologize and Mercy but it still remains a polished record.
#22 Fuck You – Lily Allen
From: It’s Not Me, It’s You
Another smash hit from Lily Allen. The music video for this single was visually stunning. The chorus prettily much convinced me that this song is the bomb. Lily Allen never ceases to amaze. The chorus in this song may be filled with profanities but heck, the song is simply special. Her talent is definitely skyrocketing. I just hope her next records will be better.
#21 I’m On A Boat – The Lonely Island feat. T-Pain
From: Incredibad
I’m On A Boat is pure comedy gold. Search for the music video of it on YouTube and you’ll definitely love the single. The Lonely Island’s comedy prowess simply showed up in this song. I’m On A Boat is the best hit from Saturday Night Live’s hiphop hits. The way the verses were delivered is also awesome to the nth level. The appearance of T-Pain adds a touch of creativity as well. Simply amazing.