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I remain baffled when the matter about the lack of chart success that Mini Viva has is discussed. Their material has been consistently awesome with both I Left My Heart In Tokyo and I Wish gaining massive critical acclaim. Chart-wise though, only I Left My Heart In Tokyo has cracked the Top 10 by landing at #7 as its peak with I Wish faring very poorly by landing only at #72. To give the listening public more information, I am doing this review of the latest single by the UK duo that truly deserves more success.

Produced by the one and only Xenomania, the single is loaded with pure fun. The lyrics suggest some swagger coming from the duo with the line “I’m not afraid of no love, and I rock you anyway that I want” being the most notable. The synths, noticeable in every record by the lovely duo, are once again fantastic. The chorus nails it and puts the song over big time.

Make no mistake about this one. One Touch is a very fantastic and infectious record. This single only proves that Mini Viva does deserve more. This is a very awesome pop song that has not charted very successfully. Why has this happened? I am still baffled and yes, I want more candy.

Genre: Pop
Date Released: May 9, 2010
Label: Polydor Records


This is it! Part VII finally shows the Top 10 list of songs that got out this 2009. Again, comments will be appreciated. My Top 10 list may not be looking good at all but still, I believe these songs really deserved it. Let us now get the ball rolling and end this countdown!

#10 I Am Not A Robot – Marina and the Diamonds
From: The Crown Jewels EP
A very soulful single coming from the Welsh artist cracks into my Top 10. The richness of Marina Diamandi’s vocals truly is shown here. I expect her to make a huge impact come 2010 as she releases her debut album The Family Jewels. British women do rule in my opinion.
#9 Empire State of Mind – Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys
From: Blueprint 3
The best hiphop song that came out this year. Period. I would never have thought about the combination of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys working at all. It just seemed that their musical styles won’t mesh at all. However,Empire State of Mind proved me wrong big time. The song that got featured in the recent World Series delivers a patriotic message and yes, Jay-Z’s verses have really evolved in his latest album and this song showed how. Let us not forget how Alicia Keys sounded in this one. Hitting the high notes was truly spectacular and she made sure that the song will not fall apart.
#8 I Wish – Mini Viva
From: Colloquial Obsession
The British all-female pop group Mini Viva enters the countdown at #8 with I Wish. Flaunting off a very irresistible chorus, the song about regrets really excels all because of the lively vocals of Mini Viva. He could be the one who hits the light inside my soul. Great line and delivers the message perfectly. Thank you Mini Viva!
#7 Remedy – Little Boots
From: Hands
The RedOne-produced track for Victoria Hesketh, more known by her stage name as Little Boots, gets the 7th spot. The song is definitely a keeper for those who love listening to dance tracks. Remedy does possess a very sick and infectious beat that can make your head spin around. Definitely worth listening.
#6 No You Girls – Franz Ferdinand
From: Tonight: Franz Ferdinand
In my humble opinion, No You Girls is the best song from the latest effort of the band coming from Glassgow, Scottland. No You Girls features a very catchy chorus and a very scintillating guitar sound. No wonder why the song got featured in an iPod advertisement.
#5 The Spell – Alphabeat
From: The Spell
Danish pop group Alphabeat enters the countdown at #5 with their very impressive The Spell. The song inspired by Black Box’ I Don’t Know Anybody Else features a very powerful hook which is also groovy. Anders SG’s vocal work is simply amazing. The song sounds modern with a touch of the 80s or 90s. This song is really a must-have for your playlists.
#4 The Fear – Lily Allen
From: It’s Not Me, It’s You
Lily Allen makes her second appearance on the countdown with The Fear. What I like about the song is that it has very witty lyrics. Lily Allen really writes well. Compliment this ability with your voice and you got yourselves a very powerful combo. Fortunately, Allen does possess this combo. The Fear sounds a little bit different from common pop records. However, the song still packs a lot of punch thanks to Allen’s vocals and intelligence. Lily Allen just never stops evolving musically.
#3 Uprising – Muse
From: The Resistance
Coming off an appearance at Twilight’s soundtrack (which I found to be very disappointing), Muse came back this 2009 with their first single, Uprising, for their fifth studio effort. The guitar work sounds awesome. Matt Bellamy can really be considered as one of rock’s gods in my opinion. Muse is already a rock legend. Their craft continues to get better with every album that they release.
#2 Bad Romance – Lady GaGa
From: The Fame Monster
Initially, I thought of Bad Romance as my #1 for this countdown. However, I heard suddenly this song which also came out this 2009 which definitely blew me away. Anyway, Bad Romance is one of Lady GaGa’s greatest singles ever. Heck, even the music video looks very polished and grand. Lady GaGa’s musicality is just one of the best ever in my opinion. Even though Poker Face got overplayed before, my respect for Lady GaGa’s craft never wavered and I am very happy that my respect did not waver at all.
#1 Bulletproof – La Roux
From: La Roux
Bulletproof is the song that totally blew me away. Eleanor Jackson’s sweet delivery absolutely is the bomb. We must also not forget Ben Langmaid’s synth work in this song. Very awesome work done by the two members of La Roux. Everything about this song is simply spectacular – the verses, the chorus, the arrangement, and the vocals. I am just really happy that I got to know this song even though it was by accident.
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