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One of my favorite American Idol contestants teams up with Australian rocker Orianthi Panagaris for the rehashed version of Iraheta’s single Don’t Waste The PrettyDon’t Waste The Pretty is Allison’s third single after Friday I’ll Be Over U and Scars. Nothing much changes in the new version except for some added guitar riffs and vocals from Orianthi herself. Aside from that, the song remains untouched. Honestly though, I prefer the original over this rehashed version but to each is to his own. Still, this is a good offering from Miss Iraheta that should not be disregarded.

Release Date: June 8, 2010 (iTunes)/June 22, 2010 (Radio Airplay)
Label: Jive Records


Australian rocker chick Orianthi is all set to re-release her album Believe with Believe (II). Her latest single, Shut Up & Kiss Me, will be included in the re-release alongside three other new tracks. If you want to know what I think about her latest single, click the link: Shut Up & Kiss Me review And while you are at it, you might want to read my review of Believe as well: Believe review

Also, the music video for Shut Up & Kiss Me has been released. The video can be seen below for your convenience.

The music video for Allison Goldfrapp’s newest single, Alive, is also out! The single will be released on the 7th of June. The video is simply marvelous. Watch the video to see for yourselves.

After gaining some big time exposure as the late Michael Jackson’s guitarist in This Is It, Australian rocker Orianthi is back with another single entitled Shut Up & Kiss Me. The new single, sadly, is not included in her sophomore effort Believe but is now available in the US iTunes Store.

Compared to the only released single of Believe, According To You, some similarities are largely present like the very awesome guitar riffs and the undeniably charming voice of hers. Shut Up & Kiss Me is very mainstream-friendly. It is very accessible and can serve as a good track to people of all ages with a very well done fusion of pop and rock elements.

If Orianthi keeps dishing out stuff like this, it would be safe to assume that her star will keep on shining for a long time. However, I have to wonder why only According To You got released from her sophomore effort. Believe actually had lots of strong tracks. Still, there is nothing to complain about Shut Up & Kiss Me. It really is an amazing track that utilizes Orianthi’s strong facets as an artist with great aplomb.

Date Released: April 6, 2010

Many might know Orianthi Panagaris, more known as Orianthi, for being the lead guitarist for the last shows of the late Michael Jackson. We all know what happened next regarding the last shows and instead, This Is It was shown and the people first saw Orianthi strutting her awesome guitar chops in the film. It turns out that the release date of Believe, her sophomore album, got pushed back by Geffen to coincide with the This Is It compilation album. It also helps that lots of publicity was generated due to her appearance in the said film. However, will Believe make people ‘believe’ that she is more than a guitarist?

The 42-minute long effort flaunts off Orianthi’s guitar style with aplomb. All of the tracks emphasize Orianthi’s musicality. The album has a surprise in its sleeve- Orianthi can actually sing. With all of these things being said, the album is not perfect though. Some tracks just lacked the oomph that could have made the album really great.

Opening Believe is the impressive According To You. Orianthi seems like she channels her Kelly Clarkson side in delivering the lyrics. The energized guitar sound of the track opens the album on a very positive note. A plus for the track is its catchiness. In Suffocated, Orianthi sounds like a carbon-copy of Avril Lavigne. The track ends up as something not really outstanding.

All the tracks in the album possess a crafty solo. What saves the album from being mediocre are the tracks that brought something different to the table. Bad News shows some feistiness and impressive chord work from Orianthi. InWhat’s It Gonna Be, the guitar work of Orianthi really shines. It’s much edgier than most of the tracks in the album.Untogether shows off some smooth sounds that may remind one of the great Carlos Santana from Orianthi. Who would forget the equally impressive Highly Strung? The instrumental pits Orianthi against none other than Steve Vai. Orianthi more than holds her ground in the track. The track definitely impressed me, without a doubt.

The album may have some shortcomings but let us not forget that Believe was intended to show off Orianthi’s impressive guitar skills. Hearing Orianthi sing definitely was a surprise. She may not match Amy Lee’s vocal levels but you have to laud Orianthi’s effort. The album does pack some punch but the power of the punch does not match that of Manny Pacquiao’s for now. Orianthi definitely has loads of potential considering that she is young and her current abilities can still improve considerably. Believe, ultimately, should be viewed in a positive manner.

Recommended Tracks: According To YouBad NewsWhat’s It Gonna BeUntogether, and Highly Strung
Genre: Rock
Label: Geffen Records
Date Released: October 26, 2009

Year Released: 2009
Director: Kenny Ortega
Studio: AEG Live
Distributor: Columbia Pictures

What was I doing when the world was suddenly rocked by the news of the sudden passing of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009? I was sleeping peacefully then once I woke up, the news of Jackson’s death was the first thing I heard from the television set. Initial feeling from me was “Oh my goodness! This cannot be true.” After a few minutes, the news just sunk in: Michael Jackson is really dead. No matter how controversial Michael Jackson was in his time, he is still Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. Fast forward and four months later and people across the globe can finally see the rehearsals done by the King of Pop for his This Is It concerts in London. Is This Is It a great movie? Well, let us now get the ball rolling, shall we? Do not worry. No major spoilers will be in this entry. If there would be spoilers, they would be kept to the minimum.

Let us get right away to my overall reaction to the documentary. This Is It is absolutely a great one. Seeing Michael Jackson do his behind-the-scenes work is simply an amazing experience. This Is It is simply one of the superb music documentaries ever released. Michael Jackson’s artistry simply shines through all the work he does. One can see how serious and creative Jackson was with his craft in the movie.

This Is It lets one see Jackson in his very open state. Michael Jackson is simply human. The film did show this aspect.This Is It is simply “it” – a film that captures Jackson’s final acts of endless energy and creativity with so much aplomb.

One outstanding scene in the movie is seeing Jackson being happy to be on top of a cherry picker. Jackson really seemed to had a lot of fun when he was on top of the cherry picker. Hearing Jackson scream “Weeeee!” while on the cherry picker was really a great scene to see in the movie. It lets one see how much “childhood spirit” is still left in Michael Jackson’s tank.

I would also like to give props to Orianthi Panagaris, the lead guitarist for the supposed-to-be held concerts of the late King of Pop. The way she riffed that guitar is really awesome. The solo she made on Beat It is one hell of a solo – really special and rich in terms of musical brilliance.

The movie also showcased how particular Jackson is when it comes to details – the biggest up to the minute ones – when it comes to his music. The way Jackson was portrayed in the movie was the highest point of the film. Jackson never thought that the rehearsal footage would be released. In fact, it has been revealed that the footage would simply go to Jackson’s private library and not be shown to the public. Jackson, in the film, was portrayed as an artist who simply loves performing, cares for his employees well, takes control of the artistic aspects of his performances, and simply someone who wants things to be top-notch.

Jackson absolutely performed great in the movie. It must be noted that the King of Pop was not even using his 100% during the rehearsals. The movie presented the sad reality that the world really missed something big – Michael Jackson was already great at 60% to 75% as seen in the movie. What would have had happened if he already performed at his optimum during the concerts? Michael Jackson’s health is still great as seen in the movie. He still got it in my humble opinion.

As for the material shown in the documentary, I was really amazed at all the 3D imagery that the concert producers already made. The background for They Don’t Care About Us is absolutely a stunning one. More stunning were the scenes shot for Thriller. The material shot for the Earth Song is also amazing. Jackson voicing out his environmental concerns was a great touch. I honestly don’t think it was over the top since man’s actions on nature have been over the top as well.

The film does not really totally focus on Michael Jackson alone. Some time is also given to Michael Jackson’s cast of performers, who sadly did not get the time to showcase their talents to the world long enough. The dancers, the singers, and the band really are one of a kind. Seeing how they managed to survive a grueling round of auditions really amazed me. The way they do those dance routines, singing back-up vocals, riffing those notes, and drumming those beats is simply breathtaking.

The editing done for the movie is also outstanding. Managing to combine seamlessly all those footages simply made me awe-struck in the end. Kenny Ortega was a great director (I still dislike High School Musical, sorry.). Michael Jackson was portrayed in a very positive note in the film, I must add. The way the film does it is simply great. The film did a great job in capturing the attention of the watchers without a doubt.

My only criticism for the documentary would be that it still feels the film was made for profiting reasons. However, the documentary is really something that MJ fans and non-MJ fans alike should watch. This Is It is simply a must-watch documentary seeing how Michael Jackson operates when he is not performing for his legion of fans. This Is It is also an elegantly-packaged film filled with content enough to make one appreciate Michael Jackson’s massive amount of talent, if they have not appreciated them before, that is. Sad to say, the world never got to see how Michael Jackson would have performed in his final curtain call.