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The New York-based group Scissor Sisters have unveiled the first single for their upcoming third studio album named Night Work. The single is entitled Fire With Fire and what we have loved from the band (exceptional quality in their material, that is) is still present in this latest release.

The single starts out with a slow dramatic piano background which suddenly builds up into a bouncy danceable track with the infusion of the synths in the chorus. This is simply another taste of pop excellence. Fire With Fire literally can be scorching track with all of these elements present. It is a disco anthem that many people will love (expect people from the U.S of course). I am left wondering why the band’s home country does not appreciate the awesome talent that this band has. The band’s musicality easily outclasses the generic trash that is currently in their charts. I am freaking serious with that assessment. Hopefully, Fire With Fire will be the hit that finally wakes up the people of the band’s home country.

Genre: Pop
Label: Universal Records (US)/Polydor Records (UK)