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Norther Irish band rock outfit Two Door Cinema Club’s debut album entitled Tourist History attempts to further showcase the band’s array of musical talents that all contribute to some very lovely music. The 10-track-long LP boasts of guitar-driven tracks that may remind some of Bloc Party. Tourist History is a record that relies on consistency to keep it afloat and guess what, the results are absolutely magnificent.

Just like Delphic, Two Door Cinema Club manages to fuse with great ease rock elements with that of electronic leanings, forming a very sleek overall package in the process. Alex Trimble’s vocals are consistently great all throughout the record. Sam Halliday’s guitar help in attaining that infectious feeling that one hopes to see in the tracks included in the LP.

With every track being consistent, it must be said that the whole package is massively enjoyable. Every track shows off the band’s stunning musicality with great success. The band does show some facets in which they excel in every track. At one point, it would be the songwriting that excels then suddenly, it would be the guitar sound that shines. Hearing it altogether is simply fabulous.

Of course, there are the tracks that earned my total respect. Album opener Cigarettes in the Theater stands out for that spectacular trumpet solo. Do You Want It All lets one hear the band play in a slower pace yet the product ends up well. Something Good Can Work, after hearing Undercover Martyn endlessly before, surprisingly ends up as the best track for the LP. The track shows everything that the band needs in order to be successful. Does the song have amazing verses? Check. Does it have a very pleasurable chorus? A big check. Put all of this together with a great arrangement and what you get eventually is the LP’s most polished track.



Two Door Cinema Club are a three-piece Northern Irish indie rock outfit comprising of Alex Trimble (lead vocals), Kevin Baird (bass), and Sam Halliday (guitar). The band is all set to release their debut album, Tourist History, on the 1st of March. While the album is not yet out, let us take a closer look at one of the album’s tracks, Undercover Martyn.

Undercover Martyn‘s sound reminds me of Bloc Party. I am not saying this is a bad thing though. I actually think it works out just fine for the band with such sound. The upbeat nature of the track makes it ace. The track ends up as a very enjoyable track that could be played repeatedly without getting tiresome. The lyrics of the song are top-notch, if I may add. Trimble’s vocals perfectly match the band’s play.

If there is something that I learned from listening to Undercover Martyn, it would be the fact that these dudes have the potential to be something ‘big.’ They make music that is endearing to the general public. Just like their mates at Kitsune Music, Delphic, Two Door Cinema Club certainly are ready to take on their first steps in their journey to gaining success. With very entertaining tracks such as Undercover Martyn, I would not be surprised if the band does become big. They are simply that brilliant.

Genre: Rock
Date Released: February 22, 2010
Label: Kitsune Music