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As the title suggests, this is my last post for this site. I have moved over to a new one which is located at All the content in this site have been imported into the new site. Hopefully, you’ll still read my ‘inklings’ and air your comments out. Thank you so much and it is now time for me to use the site that has kept me occupied for quite a while.


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Sorry for not making any updates the past few days. I was taking a break from all the blogging and I am currently doing some important stuff regarding the blog. I am moving over to a new site soon and I would announce the link soon in this page. It is taking a long time for me to announce this since importing the entries has been a major problem. I am trying my best to launch the new site by Saturday at 12 AM(Manila time). Whatever happens, all other announcements will be posted here and on my Twitter page.

No updates will be posted for a while. All the new content will be put on the soon-to-be-launched site. Do not worry. The site’s main focus is music and hopefully, you’ll love the new site once I have open it up. Again, thanks for reading this and I apologize for not putting anything up. It has been tough lately for me and hopefully, this gets over quickly.

First and foremost, I love Glee (and Dianna Agron). Second, the season finale was the episode that really got me ’emotionally invested.’ I hated to see New Directions get last place. My spirits were absolutely crushed when the results were unveiled. It was like something I did not expect even though I do read spoilers. Lastly, this latest EP by the Glee Cast is good but it does have blemishes, mind that.

Material coming from the show has relied on the tried and tested formula: Ride on Lea Michele and Cory Monteith’s vocals and see what happens and this becomes obvious right from the kick off. Faithfully, one of three classic tracks from Journey that got the Glee treatment in the EP, puts the spotlight on the show’s two biggest stars, Michele and Monteith. The effectiveness of the formula gets diluted in the track. When something gets used too much, the result is not going to be pretty and that is the case here. I will not deny that both stars have awesome vocals but it is just too much. Glee, after all, is not Lea Michele’s Got Talent. Proper balance in terms of the exposure for the cast must be achieved.

Just when I thought that the EP will be a huge mess, here comes the messiah of all the tracks in the EP, wrapped delicately waiting to be unleashed. I am referring to the flawless mash-up of Any Way You Want It and Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’. Mash-ups have also been another calling card of the show. Some of them have been particularly impressive especially that mash-up of Usher’s Confessions and Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life while others just fell flat like that Don’t Stand So Close To Me/Young Girl mash-up. Fortunately, the latest mash-up falls into the former. The brilliance shines very brightly that I almost forgot this is a mash-up we’re talking about.

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4th of July (Fireworks), the new digital single from GRAMMY®-nominated singer-songwriter Kelis’ upcoming album, Flesh Tone, is out today. Produced by DJ Ammo, the pulsating club banger mixes R&B soulfulness and techno-dappled electro breaks with a rip-roaring wobbly bass riff.

The track is the follow-up to Kelis’ international No. 1 hit Acapella, which topped both the Billboard Dance/Club Play Songs Chart and Music Week’s Pop Club Chart in the U.K. earlier this year. Kelis recently co-directed the video for 4th of July (Fireworks) with Rankin and Nicole Ehrlich in the desert outside of Los Angeles.

The single is available in digital retailers and the links are included below for your convenience:


Kelis’ album Flesh Tone will be out on July 6 under the Will.I.Am Music Group/Interscope Records

Finally, the moment we have been waiting for has arrived! Lady GaGa’s newest single, Alejandro, now has its video released! My comments can be found below the video.

1. It all looks like I was watching some horror film at first.

2. However, GaGa turns it up and it all becomes like a soft-core porn film.

3. GaGa seems to be paying homage to the one and only Madonna with the video.

4. Again, this might spark some controversy but come on, this is GaGa. She pushes the boundaries of everyone’s senses every time she releases a video.

5. Is it good though? It was okay for me. The dance routine was good to see though.

The video is not for those who are immature, to be honest. Hopefully, no overreactions are done regarding this new video by GaGa. And to end this post, here is a picture of GaGa herself:

Norther Irish band rock outfit Two Door Cinema Club’s debut album entitled Tourist History attempts to further showcase the band’s array of musical talents that all contribute to some very lovely music. The 10-track-long LP boasts of guitar-driven tracks that may remind some of Bloc Party. Tourist History is a record that relies on consistency to keep it afloat and guess what, the results are absolutely magnificent.

Just like Delphic, Two Door Cinema Club manages to fuse with great ease rock elements with that of electronic leanings, forming a very sleek overall package in the process. Alex Trimble’s vocals are consistently great all throughout the record. Sam Halliday’s guitar help in attaining that infectious feeling that one hopes to see in the tracks included in the LP.

With every track being consistent, it must be said that the whole package is massively enjoyable. Every track shows off the band’s stunning musicality with great success. The band does show some facets in which they excel in every track. At one point, it would be the songwriting that excels then suddenly, it would be the guitar sound that shines. Hearing it altogether is simply fabulous.

Of course, there are the tracks that earned my total respect. Album opener Cigarettes in the Theater stands out for that spectacular trumpet solo. Do You Want It All lets one hear the band play in a slower pace yet the product ends up well. Something Good Can Work, after hearing Undercover Martyn endlessly before, surprisingly ends up as the best track for the LP. The track shows everything that the band needs in order to be successful. Does the song have amazing verses? Check. Does it have a very pleasurable chorus? A big check. Put all of this together with a great arrangement and what you get eventually is the LP’s most polished track.

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I remain baffled when the matter about the lack of chart success that Mini Viva has is discussed. Their material has been consistently awesome with both I Left My Heart In Tokyo and I Wish gaining massive critical acclaim. Chart-wise though, only I Left My Heart In Tokyo has cracked the Top 10 by landing at #7 as its peak with I Wish faring very poorly by landing only at #72. To give the listening public more information, I am doing this review of the latest single by the UK duo that truly deserves more success.

Produced by the one and only Xenomania, the single is loaded with pure fun. The lyrics suggest some swagger coming from the duo with the line “I’m not afraid of no love, and I rock you anyway that I want” being the most notable. The synths, noticeable in every record by the lovely duo, are once again fantastic. The chorus nails it and puts the song over big time.

Make no mistake about this one. One Touch is a very fantastic and infectious record. This single only proves that Mini Viva does deserve more. This is a very awesome pop song that has not charted very successfully. Why has this happened? I am still baffled and yes, I want more candy.

Genre: Pop
Date Released: May 9, 2010
Label: Polydor Records

Manchester rock outfit Delphic has absolutely been on my radar since the release of their single entitled Doubt (Click to read my Doubt review). Their debut LP Acolyte (Click to read my Acolyte review) is one of the most splendid records I have heard all year long. Anyway, the band has been gracious enough in offering music lovers all over the world a free EP consisting of four tracks which are as follows:

1. Counterpoint (Tim Goldsworthy Edit)
2. Wake
3. Doubt (Acoustic)
4. This Momentary (Extended Remix)

All tracks are a treat to the senses especially the new remix of This Momentary. This EP is available for FREE. Yes, your eyes are not being fooled. The EP is absolutely free and if you want to get it, click the link:

Free Delphic EP

One of my favorite American Idol contestants teams up with Australian rocker Orianthi Panagaris for the rehashed version of Iraheta’s single Don’t Waste The PrettyDon’t Waste The Pretty is Allison’s third single after Friday I’ll Be Over U and Scars. Nothing much changes in the new version except for some added guitar riffs and vocals from Orianthi herself. Aside from that, the song remains untouched. Honestly though, I prefer the original over this rehashed version but to each is to his own. Still, this is a good offering from Miss Iraheta that should not be disregarded.

Release Date: June 8, 2010 (iTunes)/June 22, 2010 (Radio Airplay)
Label: Jive Records

A week ago, I reviewed LIGHTS’ debut album entitled The Listening. As I have said before, her songs are filled with simple yet remarkable structures. One of the tracks in her album, Ice, has this Kylie Minogue-esque feeling in it which made love the track so much. Anyway, to know more about Lights and the story behind her name, the inspiration for The Listening and more, read her answers in the questions that I made up for this interview:

1. How did you come up with the name ‘LIGHTS?’

It’s derived from my last name, Poxleitner (pronounced pox-light-ner). When I created my myspace page back in ’06 I chose to put Lights there. After a while I wanted to make it my first name, so legally changed it.

2. What was your inspiration for your album The Listening?

Most of the songs came from moments of feeling down or lonely, almost all of it was written since I had moved out on my own at age 18, and coming to terms with facing the world like that. It was a lot of stuff I wanted someone to say to me to make me feel better.

3. What made you like using the synths over any instrument out there?

I like the fact that you can invent sounds, or manipulate classic sounds to sound very different–you have those options and it expands your scope of creativity.

4. How would you describe your music to people who have not heard it yet?

Pop Electro.

5. Lastly, please share a random fact about yourself.

I have seven Wonder Woman action figures, all standing at the back of my stove.

Anyway, this is the video for Ice to let you hear more of LIGHTS’ stunning musicality: